[Looking after yourself as a parent] Following last night’s post about ‘martyrdom’, today I’ll leave you with a thought of doing something for yourself instead of as a ‘parent’.

This involves FUN! Think to a time when you let go and allowed yourself to do something fun, crazy and even outrageous.  Did this lighten your soul?  And did it help to not take life so seriously afterwards?  Hopefully yes!

The aim is to create your own fun once a DAY. And the rules are that joining in on someone else’s fun doesn’t count (as fun as that is).

My crazy moves sometimes involve my kids, like initiating hide and seek, breaking into dance in the car and playing in the rain, but they can also be just for you.  Think cracking open a beverage at nine in the morning or getting into some air guitar or crazy singing at the traffic lights!

Whatever your ‘lighter’ side can dream up!  It really does help you to step into your own life a bit more and have a moment away from being a parent.  It will also help to make sure you never take life too seriously and cope much better with the challenges of day to day parenting.  And it will surely rub off on the rest of the family… just watch as they want to join in on your fun 🙂