Friend!  It’s so wonderful to have you here.  I’m Heidi Hosking.

I am an activator and Intuitive Guide to mothers of the sensitive ‘New Children’.

I am a voice for the New Children.

I help mums like you to spot the ‘opportunities’ your child is reflecting back to you, in order to empower yourself further and know how to do this, practically. 

These opportunities may look like : whinging, meltdowns, fussy eating, ‘ASD’, ‘ADHD’, food intolerances, sleep troubles and shyness to low immunity, digestive issues, low self-esteem and more.   They reflect how you can do your inner work and/or guide your children in theirs.

I call this the Mother-Child Healing Approach.

It always comes back to your heart connection.  Your heart connection with yourself, your children, your partner and the people in your wider circle – whether you love them there or not!  And I hold my heart space open, for you to make these transformations.

I call this Heart to Heart Parenting.

You are a guiding light for mothers who are anywhere on their awakening journey, to help them create the life they want for their family from wherever they are right now.

I can see you waving a magic wand and showing them how they can create the reality they want.  From working with you, I know you have an amazing knowledge of how to use energetics to manifest and influence/change outcomes in all areas especially relationships and that knowledge and help I am happy to pay for…


Mum of 3 sensitive children

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I am so grateful for the wonderful Heidi Hosking and her New Children Healing Sanctuary as it is changing our family’s lives already. Intuitive parenting with conscious focus is exactly what we needed. Thank you!


Mum of 3 sensitive children