Star, Heart, Earth

We may express ourselves through Star, Heart and/or Earth energy in traits that are in the light or in the shadow.  They explain our unique human expression, without the need to pathologise or label ourselves.  Our expression is always changeable, as we work with the energetic rules of the game of life.  As we change, we energetically change others and allow them to integrate more of these energies too. 

One of the aims of the game of life is to continue to unlock more Star, Heart and Earth energy.  We can unlock more as far as our gifts and empowered expression as well as to dismantle expressions that have been in the shadows.  

True Essence Profiles

Our True Essence Profile reflects whether we have more Star, Heart and/or Earth energy integrated.  Each of us have a unique combination of the amount of each and the different ways it is expressed through each. 

The family bubble always seeks to balance itself energetically.  It is balanced in equal and opposite.  This means that the more one family member has Star energy integrated, the more another will have Heart and/or Earth energy integrated in equal amounts.  As the next family member comes to the family (including pets), it will bring more of the energy that is least integrated within the family bubble in equal and opposite amounts. 



True Essence Profiles

Below are just a few, of countless, traits under each energy in the light and in the shadows. 

  • Do you see yourself and/or other family members under certain ones? 
  • Do you start to sense the idea of how Star, Heart and/or Earth energy can be expressed?


Most people have two energies that express more predominantly, which can then name our True Essence Profile : Star Heart, Heart Earth or Star Earth.  Some people however, have a double hit of just one energy.  I call them Cosmic Star, Lovely Heart, Grounded Earth.

More information on this in The New Woman embodiment 6 mth adventure and in a coming book of The New Way series.  Buy the first book in the series, ‘The Game of Life – How to Play, The New Way’ here. 

STAR light 

… I choose to connect with Source &/or create …

  • Interest in space, angels, ghosts, dragons, Star Wars..
  • Memory – facts, numbers
  • Music – feels the music / ‘is’ the music / plays by ear
  • Imagination – uses well – imaginary friends to creativity & envisioning 
  • Intellectual conversations
  • Detail focused – art, statistics etc
  • Not attached to food

STAR shadows

… I struggle to connect with Source &/or create …

  • Follows others – trends, peer pressure, FOMO
  • Sensitive to foods, tendency for allergies
  • Pushes to make things happen
  • Doesn’t trust self – asks others before checking in with self
  • Overthinks decisions
  • Excess chat, explaining, justifying
  • Lives through children, their activities, excitement, plans

HEART light 

… I choose to connect &/or feel …

  • Emotional release works as ‘medicine’
  • Takes others feelings, ideas, circumstances into consideration
  • Connects to others easily – knows who’s who
  • Values family and friendships
  • Respects self by discernment with how much giving to others
  • Inner child obvious
  • Allows children, partner, others their own path

HEART shadows

… I struggle to connect and/or feel …

  • People pleasing, shapeshifting, laughing/smiling/holding back truth to not upset others
  • Holds back emotions – hyperfocus on gratitude, sighs, tenses facial area, feels heat
  • Speech issues; neck, jaw, head issues and/or digestive issues
  • Leaks emotions by projecting / pointing finger of blame
  • Connecting – shy or internal panic to connect with others or ‘expose self’

EARTH light 

… I choose to be here and play this Game of Life &/or connect with the Earth …

  • Interest in animals – facts, handling them, mystical powers
  • Seeks to be outside
  • Questions everything
  • Skills in cooking, gardening, herbs
  • BS detector for corruption/control in the systems
  • Enjoys physical movement, coordinated
  • Makes money easily

EARTH shadows

… I struggle to choose to be here at this time and/or connect with the Earth …

  • Money – overspender, oversaver
  • Dissociation – books, addictions, scrolling to escape
  • Disorganised, wafty, unpresent, often late
  • Resists grounding, touch, physical movement
  • Less intuition / ability to connect with animals and plants
  • Naive, follows orders

Below is a channeled message from our children about the importance of seeing ourselves through empowered eyes, not how the systems want us to see ourselves.

“My True Essence Profiles represents my strengths, my challenges and my potential mission here on Earth.

I hope it will help you to understand what I am going through in a more empowered and positive light… and how this affects you as my mother too.


In the old mainstream world, mothers have had their power taken away from them, as they have been conditioned to revere the ‘authorities’ and to doubt their own intuition.

NOW is the time to heal, parent and educate, The New Way.  Respect we are all energetic beings and that we need to bring LOVE first.


The True Essence Profiles are not boxes.  They are not labels.  They are, well, a ‘positive diagnosis’ to balance out the external world’s focus on ‘what’s WRONG with us’.

Knowing the energies that we DO carry through, can help you to understand our strengths, gifts and why we behave like we do.  Especially when it can bring you stress as our mother!


Knowing the energies that we have NOT YET integrated can also help you to understand some of our challenges.  It is also the opportunity for you to help guide us to integrate this energy even more so.


Maybe it’s looking for experiences to open our hearts more.

Maybe it’s helping us to open to the higher realms.

Or maybe it’s encouraging us to ground and be in nature more often.


And as you do this, we reflect how you have integrated these energies for yourselves.


Can you be accepting of our intuitive ‘star’ gifts and sensitivities?

Can you open your heart to us, despite what is going on?

Can you see the benefit in connecting with our Earth?”

More about the True Essence Profiles 

Four things you must know about your True Essence Profile

It is NOT a label, diagnosis or a box

  • Our True Essence Profile allows us to see where our child has their energies most integrated
  • It allows us to see which energy (star, heart, earth) we may need to support our child to integrate… and turn this into practical steps
  • The energies that are less integrated (ie the energy not in your True Essence Profile), may reflect an opportunity for us or our partner to open to this energy

***  It is important we don’t ‘hang onto’ our child’s True Essence Profile, but instead allow it to guide us to understand our child physically, behaviourally, emotionally and spiritually… without the need to necessarily seek the advice, opinions, healings and sessions from others.

(of course there is often a place for us to reach out for support and guidance from others as we go on our journey of learning and to truly trust our higher self in regards to our children)

Why does our True Essence Profile only have 2 energies and not all 3 – star, heart, earth?

The aim is for us all to integrate ALL 3 energies more and more and more throughout our life.  However, from conception and beyond, we have been faced with fear and thus have often shut down to these energies in certain ways.  We were all born far more open to each of these energies but with a propensity to be open to maybe one or 2 more than another – which will shift and change throughout our life.

A classic one – the child shut down for their star energies by parents not knowing how to recognise their child’s intuition and often reflecting intuitive gifts shut down in the parent.

How can I help my child to open to their energies more?

As us mothers open to integrating more star, heart and earth energy, our energy rubs off and ‘unlocks’ or activates this in our partner and children and those around us.

The more we open to our star, heart and earth energy, the more our children will naturally open to theirs.  The more we become aware of which energies were shut down for us and how we can open to re-activating these, the more it will be in our ‘vocabulary’ to guide our children more easily too.  The more we will be able to see which energy may be ‘lit up’ for us to support our children with.

The family works as a unit, activating each other.  No matter how much we as the mother feel we are open to certain energies, we may need to consider if we have any resistance to our partner activating the energies too.  This can allow our partner to say open their heart further, which may be the ‘golden key’ for a particular child to unlock their heart further.

This ties in with familial threads to be released within ours and our children’s generation.  If the thread of say ‘fear of others’ is inherent between father and son, as the father unlocks his heart to this, so may the child.

What will it ideally look like, when we are integrating all energies?

Ideally, us mothers (and fathers), have begun to integrate all 3 energies AND we can see by reflection of our children, where we need to activate this energy in ourselves further, whilst we guide our children to also.

Our children will then begin to show behaviours of star, heart and earth energy (and far more equally) shifting and moving across any given day, week, month, with possibly one energy being more pronounced at any time but always changing.

For example, we as the mother, have released emotional blocks around our heart and can really feel our compassion growing, which is modelled to the family.  We have tuned into our starry intuitive gifts and noticed where the rest of our family may be bringing forth this starry energy in their different ways (eg. husband interested in Stargate or child talking of seing beings).  We have seen and acted upon the need to connect with the earth and to include our family with this.

Holding an open intention for all energies to unfold as they need to, our children begin to come back to their hearts, they feel safe and comfortable to be with the earth and it’s teachings, they activate their intuitive gifts and interest in the cosmos.

How is my True Essence Profile NOT a label or box?

So actually, the degree to which we have all integrated the 3 energies is a verrrrry long sliding scale!  An infinite one!

If we had to put a number on this scale of how much we’ve opened to each energy (and remembering we will never be done with any of them!), you might get a family looking like this – again the numbers are just for human minds to get a grasp:

Parent 1.  Star – 2, Heart – 44, Earth – 36

Parent 2.  Star 37, Heart – 12, Earth – 10

Child 1.  Star – 12, Heart – 50, Earth – 37

For the purposes of helping our ‘human mind’ to understand this whole concept, I guide mothers in The New Woman online group adventure to use my True Essence Profile checklist.  It enlists dozens of characteristics across Star, Heart and Earth energy in the light and shadow – so you can get a better grasp of each family member’s profile.

When we look at each example above, we can see Person 1 would come out as Heart Earth.  Person 2 would probably be Cosmic Star.  Person 3 would be Heart Earth.

What the profile result doesn’t tell you is the degree you’ve opened to one energy more than the other OR how much you’ve opened to the third energy.

It is simply guiding us to see which energies we have integrated more so, where energies may have been shut down and point us in the direction, along with our intuition, as to where we might need support.

This goes for us, our partners and our children.

What is the point in knowing my True Essence Profile?

Our True Essence Profile helps us to understand ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, from an empowered position.

Yes, even adults can reflect on themselves both now and as a child.

Knowing YOUR True Essence Profile can help you to see where you’ve had energies shut down in childhood, which can re-activate what was there or to reclaim interest.  It can help you to see where there are opportunities to ascend further!

Knowing your PARTNER’s True Essence Profile can help you to understand where each partner has an opportunity to open more to the other and to see the other’s point of view from an empowered position.  It can also shed light on any reflections from your child.

Knowing your CHILDREN’S True Essence Profile can help you to see your child in an empowered light.   You can see where their strengths are and also where certain energies have been shut down.  They are a reflection of us as their parents and those they spend time with and help us to see the invitations for what we can unlock further within us.

It is an empowerment tool in order to start to learn how to trust yourself in what is going on for you and your family, rather than reaching for advice, support and healings from others. (as I always include, on our journey to ultimate self-trust, we may certainly access the guidance of others. Learning about our True Essence Profile just helps us to come back to our knowing)

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