Well I have been quiet over the last few days, changing my life at an ‘Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi’ workshop. Paul and Jaylee the presenters have AMAZING knowledge, both have been initiated into the lineage of the Tibetan Master Lama and Grand Master of Tao and also have a background in psychology, hypnosis, stress management and of course Bikram Yoga.
They have mapped out where emotion can get ‘blocked’ (or expressed and released) in the body. I feel that so many of their points can relate to parenthood and may also help you out as a parent to learn about yourself and thus help out your children in their emotional development.

So look out for my upcoming posts relating to emotions and the body! On the flipside, I have committed to less ‘materialism’ and technology in my life, so I will be cutting back a little bit on this blog, but will still give it just as much love!

So, have you ever considered the FOUR bodies we have – our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our spiritual body. We can exercise our physical body through many forms, our mental body through study/reading etc, our spiritual body through whichever form we take, but how easy is it to go out and exercise our emotional body?….

Sometimes it’s good to let go of the mental chatter or the ‘doing’ with our physical body and let our emotional body (our heart) make decisions.

This is one point that I will be sure to explain to my boys and of course talk about emotions as much as possible to help them to exercise their ’emotional body’.

I’m sure many of us have grown up not really knowing what it is like to exercise our ’emotional body’??

But as the presenters of the workshop I attended stated – emotions are energy in motion. Just like water needs to flow, or it will stagnate and breed disease, emotions need to flow too…..