This ‘shake’ is everything-free (dairy, gluten, grain, egg, soy) but PACKED with nutrients for growing boys 🙂

The essentials are:
– about 120ml almond milk (boys intolerant to dairy but also tasty and with calcium)
– pear or banana
– probiotics
– CLS (ground chia, linseed and sunflower seeds)
– about 7 ‘activated’ almonds (soaked in water overnight to ‘activate’ their nutrients’)

scull! scull! chug! chug!

scull! scull! chug! chug!

Other choices determined by boys (all organic):
– carob powder
– dessicated coconut
– cinnamon
– blueberries
– raw honey

And occasionally olive leaf extract added to boost immunity and keep parasites at bay..

The names then become say a ‘berry ripe’ (carob, berries, coconut), ‘chocococobanana’ (carob, coconut, banana), ‘berrylicious’ (berries, coconut), ‘cinnabanana/pear’ (cinnamon, fruit).

Blend this all together and we have two excited (and quiet and still) boys who slurp it all up! This is on top of cereal to fill them up for the day.
We have gotten into this mostly to try and keep two boys with many food intolerances full. But it has become a fun way to add so many extra nutrients into their day (I’ll eventually fill you in on CLS and activated nuts, not to mention how we ended up organic but in the meantime, Feeding two growing boys has all the information you could want on this).

I now feel sad I used to feed Master 3 ‘just’ weetbix and milk!