The serenity...

The serenity…

Recently, I was inspired to write down how I filled one day, when I read a similar post from Shannon at A Game of Diapers.

And so, because I have this blog available to me, I’m going to record one of my days, at home with the boys, more for my own interest in looking back in years to come and remember ‘the good ol’ days'(??)!  But I’m interested to see similar posts from others too.

So here it begins

6.30am  Alarm goes off.  Give boys a cuddle.  Fill out journal with intentions for the day.  Make our eggs breakfast.  Wash dishes.  Intermittent entertainment with boys.  Put a load of washing on.  Prepare snacks and lunches for later.  Intermittent entertainment with boys.  Put bird outside.  Gather eggs from chickens & feed them.  Break up fights with boys.  Hang out washing.  Bring load of washing in.  Break up another fight between boys.

8.30am  Prepare shopping list.  Get us all dressed and teeth brushed with much negotiation.  Pack swimming bag.  Clear up toys along the way.  Pack car with bikes/helmets, picnic gear, swimming bag etc.  Liaise with boys dancing to The Wiggles music.

9.00am  Drive to swimming lessons.  Toilet trip and more negotiating to be ready on time.

9.30am  Master 4 starts swimming.

9.45am  Master 2 starts swimming.

10.30am  Morning tea at swimming lesson whilst Master 4 helps to re-write sign on whiteboard that he erased earlier.

11am  Quick trip to supermarket.

11.30am  Lunch at bird park.

no pictures of the chores!

no pictures of the chores!

11.45am  Bike ride at park.

12.30pm  Home.  Master 2 into bed.  Unload picnic gear.  Toy picked up from Ebay sale.  Load of washing on.  Wash dishes.  Pre-prepare some of dinner.  Roast veges for lunches later in week.  Washing out.  Other washing in.  Start to pack and think about lunchboxes for daycare for rest of week.  Prepare some snacks for my lunches for rest of week at work.  Make daycare-friendly pesto.  Intermittent attendance to Master 4, chatting, providing him bags he needs for his play and calendar to talk about our next holiday so he can tell his pretend friends.  Eat some more food.

1.30pm  Make birthday card for Grandma with Master 4.  Sort washing.  Read book with Master 4.

2.15pm  Washing in.  Take rubbish and compost scraps out.  Mini-tidy of toys.

2.30pm  Master 2 awake.  Encourage to take nappy off/go to toilet/get dressed before visitors (he did).  Encourage Master 4 to tidy his room a tiny bit (he didn’t).  Prepare more dinner.  Wash dishes.  Liaise with boys about going outside/watching them being careful with chickens.  Get one daycare bag prepared with spare clothes.

3pm  Visitors arrive.  Talk/play with them.  Boys have afternoon tea.

4.30pm  Continue with dinner preparation. Clean up outside.  Feed chickens again (preparation for busy rest of week at work).  Boys watch Play School on TV.  Clean up kitchen.

5pm  Boys eat dinner.  Boil eggs.  Peel some for breakfast tomorrow.  Prepare more lunchboxes.  Pack away roasted veges and other leftover snacks.  Wash dishes.  Pack away boiled eggs.

6pm  Master 2 wants bath.  Master 4 has shower with me.  Prepare other daycare bag. Pack away washing.  Much negotiating to get them dressed and teeth brushed.  Read books.

7.15pm  Boys into bed.  Pack away more toys.

7.30pm  Eat dinner.  Read emails, Facebook.

8pm  Call husband who is away.

8.30pm  Blog post.

9pm  Study.

10pm  Meditation.

10.10pm  Bed.