With Halloween coming up, a few questions come to my mind.  Are we here in Australia, just taking on an American tradition that has nothing to do with us?  Am I relenting to marketing by those companies that convince us to buy the lollies and paraphernalia?  Am I promoting unhealthy eating for other children, when I wouldn’t be happy with my children tucking into a bucket of lollies?  Or is this just a fun occasion that happens once a year when children can dress up and do something different?

I don’t think Halloween will be going away any time soon, so I guess we are embracing the ‘fun side’!  However, I just don’t feel right buying lollies (we gave out over a packet of lollies last year we saw so many kids at the door) when I wouldn’t condone it for my kids and goes against my ‘teaching kids good eating habits’ principles.  So!  We’ve decided to break a bit of the tradition and find something else to give out.  I love that a dentist friend gave out toothbrushes one year.  But I’m not affording handouts that pricey!

So we came up with these!  We have found out Master 3 is intolerant to latex but we hadn’t gotten around to giving away his water balloons.  So Master 3 will help us to give them out to the kids (maybe with some spooky gloves on!?).  I took the opportunity to talk to him also about why we aren’t going to give them lollies.


What does everyone else give out?

Happy Halloween!!

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