A 10 week course on embracing the power of your emotions and how to feel safe and justified to feel, so that you can be the woman, mother and partner you yearn to be.


  • Know there’s something missing in your life

  • Yearn to feel your feelings and learn, in depth, why it’s actually vital to

  • Don’t like how you react from your emotions or stuff it all down

  • Were an emotional child, but were shut down for it

  • Have an emotional child and struggle to handle this

  • Have any parenting or relationship challenges

  • Validation –  there’s nothing wrong with you – your emotions are a gift!

  • Community – learn (or remember!) the practice with other women who are in the same boat as you

  • How to – 

    • connect & work with your body and emotions to powerfully create real change with your daily challenges

    • trust yourself as a woman, mother, partner and wise soul

    • respond to your family members and daily challenges from a calmer, centred & compassionate place

    • find your true essence, who you really are & unlock your family members too

  • Accountability – weekly group meetings keep you focused on your practice

Words from those who have been practicing their inner and family work, The New Way

How do I join? 

Send Heidi an email below to register.  Heidi will be in touch to seek everyone’s availability and confirm the first round’s time and day.

How much is it? 

In keeping with The New Way’s calling for ‘good value’, the 10 week course, including a copy of Heidi’s book, The Game of Life, is $150.

When will it start?

It is due to start by August.

Email Heidi to register your interest

Course Outline

Session 1

Permission to feel – we review how we shut down our emotions when younger and how we feel about ours and our children’s emotions now.

Session 2

Connecting inwards : Process 1 – how to put your finger on exactly how you feel within so you can work with these divine nudges

Session 3

Connecting inwards : Process 2 – how to relax where we are controlling within, to find peace/safety and respond from a different place to our daily challenges

Session 4

Unsuppressing – a study of how we avoid feeling, how to get honest about our emotions (the whispers of our soul) and why our children & partners will challenge us until we do

Session 5

Noticing what the divine is drawing your attention to feel – how to find self-responsibility and connection to your soul agreement in your daily challenges so you can unravel your challenges from the root cause

Session 6

Your actors who challenge you – understand their connection to your inner work & how to respond, practically, to all of your daily challenges

Session 7

Creating Space for emotions – how to and why it can be difficult to find this space

Session 8

Respecting your actors – how to respect their soul path, so they respect yours & why they will challenge you until you do

Session 9

Our behaviours reflect our unexpressed emotions – a study of how our ego takes hold when it all comes out in ways we wish it didn’t

Session 10

Going with the flow – playing from the divine – how to tune into your warning signs and green lights from within and your daily life 


Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women (and some men!).

This course is about inspiring women to get honest about their inner state and to feel.  It is to show you the divine process and order that is at play as we shift within – miracles happen for the challenges in our lives.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach, having studied emotions and the ego self in great depths, that can hold us back from staying connected to our intuition and heart connection with ourselves and those around us.

I not only look at making practical, stress-free changes, I look at the bigger picture, including energetics, which is much overlooked within the usual parenting and self-help fields.

As a paediatric Speech Pathologist, who has been through and come out of the mainstream world, I bring many answers surrounding what our children ACTUALLY need in regards to their perceived problems.  I am a voice for the children, to help parents see that it comes back to them shifting their stuff, to meet their children at their highest potential.

We must remember, our challenges are the KEY to going inwards first, to find inner peace and harmony, which THEN creates this within our family.

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