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The Sanctuary is about community, connection, co-creation and it’s a movement.  It’s here on the sparkling Sunshine Coast. 

It is for all families who :

  • are pondering ‘what are we actually doing to truly nurture our children’? …. beyond ‘homeschooling’, ‘unschooling’.. from very young to teens.

  • may not have found certain activities and programs to be a fit.

  • want to connect with other ‘rainbow sheep’ like them!

The Sanctuary is about The New Way.  Which is to acknowledge our children’s UNIQUENESS.  And our own.  One size does not fit all.

Sometimes we miss this by choosing activities and teachers for our children without that subtle check in that it’s a ‘match’ for them.   

The New Way is to realise the teachers and activities we are looking for is within US – parents + the community.  We are all as important as each other.  

Our children don’t need big organised activities as much as little connections with those people they resonate with, doing activities that light them up! 

But of course certain activities, when we find the ‘match’, will be their thing 🙂

Maybe it’s painting watercolour flowers.  Maybe it’s handstands.  Maybe it’s creating with whatever resources.  Maybe it’s talking beyond the solar system.  

(these are real life children & adults of all ages who already come – we are going to encourage more children-children and adult-children connection!).

I am calling it ‘Intentional Co-creation’ and I’m so excited to have started developing this with those that have been recently coming to the Gardens!

I see it will grow and grow into more organised mini mentorships and ‘soul families’ of adults and children who are ENERGISED by others who love the same things as them.

Your child’s potential does not lie just with you – whew! 

AND your joy will come from sharing your UNIQUENESS with other adults & children who ‘get you’ too. 🙂


It all starts with us learning about each other’s mind blowing uniqueness and I have the tools to help.

It calls for us parents to be open to connecting with each other’s children and breaking through ‘who am I to share myself without qualifications?’ even in off-the-cuff moments. 

We are moving towards this slowly at our catch ups at The Sanctuary. 



Maroochy Botanic Gardens.  We do move around.  We are usually somewhere between the gazebo at the Whipbird Village area and the gazebo in the field next to this.  Sometimes we will venture to the other big gazebo behind the toilet blocks.  


9.30am onwards fortnightly on Fridays.  We aim to gather for Connection Games with everyone at 10am.  Come from 9.30am to organise a name tag and get your children settled etc.

We may also hold Children’s Circles to play connection games and hold space for them to organise their play and communicate from the heart. 

We may hold parent’s Heart Circles to allow ourselves time to drop into our hearts and ground with the land. 

We are looking for your ideas and creativity.  We are trusting that each of us will share ourselves and our interests – amongst adults AND each other’s children.  Otherwise, it’s open to creating, playing and finding those connections that make your soul sing!


DO : Invite your children to bring any ‘props’.  It is important to honour their impulses!  

Chat to them about the flow of the morning of what they might expect.

Click the button below to sign up for The Sanctuary email reminders and updates.  There is so much that I am downloading about what we are doing, why and how PLUS how we need you to help us co-create this movement too!  If it looks like rain, I will email ahead. 

For last minute weather/other updates, ‘friend’ me at Facebook and check my posts. 




The New Children Healing Sanctuary is a space for Mums to come and learn how to work through their challenges in an empowered way…. beyond any system has ever shown us.

Our children and partners are bringing up the challenges for us to work through them and make magic, ease and heart connection…. let alone moving our family to it’s highest path.

Shy or angry children, speech issues, sibling troubles, partner challenges and let alone our own inner hurts that energetically affect the family unit too…  


Follow me at my channels below.  My YouTube channel has many many free mini-videos on all the topics of doing parenting, life, partnerships and soul work ‘The New Way’!


Love the idea of The Sanctuary? 

The Sanctuary Retreat is a smaller, even more intentional group of parents and children coming together to co-create with the concepts of The New Way – from our hearts and empowerment. 


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