Welcome!!  To The New Way!

Here, we are practicing living by LOVE, returning, humbly, back to our hearts, so we can guide our children and families towards our highest life path.

Parenting, education, well being, soul work – it encompasses everything.  I call it The New Way.


This will be a movement supported by many, practiced together.


We are the leaders (even if you don’t feel you are).  We are going first.  This is just the start, magical hearts!

The more we come together, connect and do our Inner Work, the more we magnify our results.

This is not just me leading.  This is us, a group of sovereign souls, honouring each other for our gifts and our journey back to love.  Together, we will each bring light to the many facets of this New Way.


We are responding to the call of our children.  To go a New Way.  They are showing us, through their stresses and challenges, the Old Way of living life hasn’t worked for us.


It’s all encompassing

The New Way involves energetics.  We are much more interconnected than we have ever realised.  We start to realise our external reality is merely a projection of our inner universe.  We see parenting, education, healthcare, money and living choices in a completely different light. 

It is not just moving to conscious parenting. 

It is not just moving our children out of the school and medical systems. 

It is not just alternative healthcare. 

It is not just moving towards what lights us up. 

It is the whole package.  The more we embody each angle of our lives in The New Way, the more we move into alignment with our True Selves and our Soul Agreement. 

And moving into alignment with our True Selves takes some deep inner work, to truly shift the nets of conditioning we have upon us, even the more recent spiritual beliefs that we have taken on. 

As we do this inner work, we shift our inner universe, flowing the energy within us towards peace and away from any physical health issues whatsoever.  We barely need alternative healthcare.  

As we do this inner work, we realise how ‘school’ energy can pervade our children outside of school if we are not continually deconditioning ourselves. 

As we decondition ourselves, we realise it’s actually more important to work with our own gifts than to solely chase the perfect upbringing for our children.  

As we work towards our own fulfilment, our partners and even ex-partners shift towards this New Way.  

Our children all the while are right there with us, each time we level up and take a net of conditioning off us.  

Their potential can only be reached as much as we step into our own potential. 

This is The New Way.  It is a new consciousness, a new way of being.  It is not something we ‘get’ and step into overnight.  Instead, we slowly unravel and transform into humans of The New Way, every time we claim our true essence.  Much more on this in my first book, ‘The Game of Life – How to Play, The New Way’.

The New Children

Through my work in downloading the messages of The New Way, I have also downloaded the True Essence Profiles.  

These let us know if we have integrated more Star, Heart and/or Earth energy which explains our gifts and challenges, our tendencies, our physical appearance and a lot more.  

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