The New Children
You may have heard about the new children as any of these names : sensitive child, star child, rainbow child, crystal child, gifted child and more.
You may already know your New Child Type for each of your children – more info and the QUIZ below.  Really, the name doesn’t matter.  It’s the energy of these children that makes us sit up and listen.

It is my feeling that all children born these days are the New Children.  As you will start to see, the environment the child lands themselves in dictates how far they will go in realising their potential and how many health and development ‘blocks’ they encounter.

[Of course some children have soul contracts to be the child with uneducated parents, the child that will have a vaccine injury and have autism or cerebral palsy for their life or the child that closes their heart from the pain around them. These new children, will still incidentally teach others and have significant impact whilst here in their lifetime.]


Who are they and where are they from?
Many new children are coming from galaxies far from here. Yes, their soul has had lifetimes in other star systems and they come with gifts we can’t even imagine yet. So I won’t try to explain those…yet!

These new children are galactic souls that have been so intrigued when offered the opportunity to incarnate as a human. 

Firstly, to experience life in a 3D body. These souls are so used to being formless, they can barely imagine what it’s like to be in a dense, physical body, responding to gravity and physical laws.
Secondly, to experience a life living from the heart. As a human, they are interested to experience emotions and the love/fear duality we live in here on Earth.
Thirdly and possibly foremost, these souls are completely committed to come here to help our Earth, Mother Gaia. They knew before they signed up for this lifetime that our planet is at a crossroads. A planet that is waking up and beginning to vibrate more highly, but a planet that is going through the fall out of the fear and control systems that will need to crash.  A planet that needs help en masse.  Or the
whole planet could literally end, in the blink of an eye. 

And of course, there are many new children who are souls that have incarnated on Earth many, many times before and thus have a memory of the physical, heart-based world. They have a dedication to Mother Gaia, just as much, if not more than the souls who haven’t been here before.

You see, the point of life is to be curious. And their curiosity magnetically pulled them to incarnate here.  Of course, this was without any knowledge or memories of the pain and suffering that can also come when incarnated as a human.  Lucky for us or probably none of us would choose to come!

We must remember… they chose to come here for their curiosity and for the benefit of Mother Gaia, planet Earth.

They are different to us
The new children are different to us. Many of us are what’s called Indigo Children (well adults now!).
We have been questioners our whole life and have not wanted to follow the sheep in anything that we.  We know we are different and here to make a positive change for our planet.

The new children are this and more.

Whilst us Indigo Children rocked the boat and are likely waking up even more so to our path right now, we also took on the fear-based patterning that our parents and grandparents have been shrouded in.

This limited our potential for a long time, as we created limiting beliefs for ourselves and learnt to ‘fit in with society’ and all of the ‘shoulds’ that come with it.
The new children however, are being born often awakened and remembering their path. 

They will not take no for an answer and are significantly more difficult to pull any control and fear over. 

They know truth and some are even being guided by their spiritual guides while they sleep to understand where
any ‘untruths’ have occurred during their day.  They are born ready.

These children have even brought a third strand of DNA, and genetic ‘mutations’, which is currently ‘unexplained’ by science.  They are the modern human, the neohuman if you like.  They are the physically upgraded version of ourselves.  And often vibrating much higher than us, which makes them very sensitive.
And amazing to ponder, just looking at our very own children before us.

Their sensitivities
The blocks for our new children these days are the toxins they are exposed to from in the womb and immediately after birth (vaccines being a big one along with the increased toxic load our environment carries these days).  From there, any stress and old fear-based patterning of course affects these children. And then the food that we put in their mouth, as early as formula or even breast milk if the baby can’t tolerate foods the mother is eating.

Being more sensitive, these toxin, food and energetic blocks are having a much more significant impact on them than we realise.  Whilst we might handle some sugar, some chemicals or ongoing stress, we haven’t realised how these are affecting our children exponentially more so.
And so, we still need to nurture these new children more so than any generation before.  With these blocks, our children can be as ‘asleep’ as any other generation.
Yet without these blocks, our new children have the potential to wake up VERY FAST. And as a collective conscious, they are literally begging us to help them.

Our role as their mother
No it is not to raise another version of the humans that are adults right now! Gone are the simple days of feed them and let them play.
Our role has a much deeper meaning than mothers in past generations have known.

These children have come here to raise the frequency of the Earth, to even out the darkness that is playing out currently around the world. They are here with a mission to do something wonderful for this planet.  From healers to new age scientists to environmentalists to catalysts for change.

They will make our current scientists and healers look very… ‘human’.

And they are choosing the families they know will wake up and allow them to utilise their amazing gifts and wisdom.

This calls for a celebration as you my friend are here for that very reason.  You have started to realise you are playing a very important role for your child.  Even if you haven’t yet completely and consciously realised.

To us, as mothers of these sensitive children, it can feel painful, confusing, exhausting and overwhelming, mostly as we are unaware of what we are actually doing. And there are limited supports around to truly help us.

The medical system has not kept up with what is going on for our new children. The schooling system has not either. The religions, the pharma and food companies and our world leaders…. have not kept up either.

In fact, they are unfortunately a ‘block’ to guiding our children to unlock their potential.

So, we go from exciting and amazing prospects with these new children to the confusing and overwhelming reality of where the world is at right now.
But, what we CAN do is empower ourselves and use our intuition to move our children forward.  It is not the problem of the doctors or the teachers, it is our path to step into and own.  Our path to do what it takes to become a Warrior Mother.  Our path to clear our own blocks and to guide our families to also.  And our gift in doing so, is to claim our abundant life for our own soul. 

New Child Types

The New Child Types are not a static ‘label’ but instead help us to see where our children have integrated star, heart and earth energy more so than others.  They help us to reflect on our own inner New Child Type as well as that of our partner.

We can allow the New Child Type to guide us to understand our child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… without the need to necessarily seek the advice, opinions, healings and sessions from others.  It is a tool of empowerment! 

I have been mapping and downloading these New Child Types for a long time now.  My background in child development, paired with my ever-growing intuition, has helped me to start to see very clearly four New Child Types.  They are not finite and there are certainly more!

Each type relates to your child’s combination of Star, Heart and/or Earth energy.  With the eventual aim for ALL of us as souls to integrate each of them.  Each energy brings its own intuition and gifts.


STAR – to open to the higher realms, be at one with our galactic origins and to use this to our advantage as far as technology and advancement of humanity.
HEART – to live with an open heart, feel our oneness, help each other and connect with all through love.
EARTH – to ground ourselves here on Mother Gaia, in order to bring our gifts into this reality whilst living consciously within our environment.


And knowing our child’s New Child Type gives us A LOT of empowered knowledge in how we parent our precious children.

Below is a channeled message from the collective conscious of the New Children – your children.

“My New Child Type represents my strengths, my challenges and my potential mission here on Earth.

I hope it will help you to understand what I am going through in a more empowered and positive light… and how this affects you as my mother too.


In the old paradigm, mothers have had their power taken away from them, as they have been conditioned to revere the ‘authorities’ and to doubt their own intuition.

NOW is the time to heal, parent and educate The New Way.  Respecting we are energetic beings and that we need to bring LOVE first.


These New Child Types are not boxes.  They are not labels.  They are, well, a ‘positive diagnosis’ to balance out the external world’s focus on ‘what’s WRONG with us’.

Knowing the energies that we DO carry through, can help you to understand our strengths, gifts and why we behave like we do.  Especially when it can bring you stress as our mother!


Knowing the energies that we have NOT YET integrated can also help you to understand some of our challenges.  It is also the opportunity for you to help guide us to integrate this energy even more so.


Maybe it’s looking for experiences to open our hearts more.

Maybe it’s helping us to open to the higher realms.

Or maybe it’s encouraging us to ground and be in nature more often.


And as you do this, we reflect how you have integrated these energies for yourselves.


Can you be accepting of our intuitive ‘star’ gifts and sensitivities?

Can you open your heart to us, despite what is going on?

Can you see the benefit in connecting with our Earth?”

More about the New Child Types..

Four things you must know about the New Child Types

They are NOT a label, diagnosis or a box

  • They allow us to see where our child has their energies most integrated
  • They allow us to see which energy (star, heart, earth) we may need to support our child to integrate.. and turn this into practical steps
  • The energies that are less integrated (ie the energy not in their New Child Type), may reflect an opportunity for us or our partner to open to this energy

***  It is important we don’t ‘hang on’ to our child’s New Child Type (as cute as the characters are!!), but instead allow them to guide us to understand our child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… without the need to necessarily seek the advice, opinions, healings and sessions from others.

(of course there is often a place for us to reach out for support and guidance from others as we go on our journey of learning and to truly trust our higher self in regards to our children)

Why does each New Child Type only have 2 energies and not all 3 – star, heart, earth?

The aim is for us all to integrate ALL 3 energies more and more and more throughout our life.  However, from conception and beyond, we have been faced with fear and thus have often shut down to these energies in certain ways.  We were all born far more open to each of these energies but with a propensity to be open to maybe one or 2 more than another – which will shift and change throughout our life.

A classic one – the child shut down for their star energies by parents not knowing how to recognise their child’s intuition and often reflecting intuitive gifts shut down in the parent.

How can I help my child to open to their energies more?

As we as mothers open to integrating more star, heart and earth energy, our energy rubs off and ‘unlocks’ or activates this in our partner and children and those around us.

The more we open to our star, heart and earth energy, the more our children will naturally open to theirs.  The more we become aware of which energies were shut down for us and how we can open to re-activating these, the more it will be in our ‘vocabulary’ to guide our children more easily too.  The more we will be able to see which energy may be ‘lit up’ for us to support our children with.

The family works as a unit, activating each other.  No matter how much we as the mother feel we are open to certain energies, we may need to consider if we have any resistance to our partner activating the energies too.  This can allow our partner to say open their heart further, which may be the ‘golden key’ for a particular child to unlock their heart further.

This ties in with familial threads to be released within ours and our children’s generation.  If the thread of say ‘fear of others’ is inherent between father and son, as the father unlocks his heart to this, so may the child.

What will it ideally look like, when we are integrating all energies?

Ideally, we as mothers (and fathers), have begun to integrate all 3 energies AND we can see by reflection of our children, where we need to activate this energy in ourselves further, whilst we guide our children to also.

Our children will then begin to show behaviours of star, heart and earth energy (and far more equally) shifting and moving across any given day, week, month, with possibly one energy being more pronounced at any time but always changing.

For example, we as the mother, have released emotional blocks around our heart and can really feel our compassion growing, which is modelled to the family.  We have tuned into our starry intuitive gifts and noticed where the rest of our family may be bringing forth this starry energy in their different ways (eg. husband interested in Stargate or child talking of seing beings).  We have seen and acted upon the need to connect with the earth and to include our family with this.

Holding an open intention for all energies to unfold as they need to, our children begin to come back to their hearts, they feel safe and comfortable to be with the earth and it’s teachings, they activate their intuitive gifts and interest in the cosmos.

How are the New Child Types NOT a label or box?

So actually, the degree to which we have all integrated the 3 energies is a verrrrry long sliding scale!  An infinite one!

If we had to put a number on this scale of how much we’ve opened to each energy (and remembering we will never be done with any of them!), you might get a family looking like this – again the numbers are just for human minds to get a grasp:

Parent 1.  Star – 2, Heart – 44, Earth – 36

Parent 2.  Star 37, Heart – 12, Earth – 10

Child 1.  Star – 12, Heart – 50, Earth – 37

For the purposes of helping our ‘human mind’ to understand this whole concept, I’ve put names to these energies and grouped the energies into ‘New Child Types’ and created a QUIZ that can help you to identify where your children (AND you and your partner) stand.

When we look at each example above, we can see Person 1 would come out as Heart Earth.  Person 2 would probably be Cosmic Star.  Person 3 would be Heart Earth.

What the quiz result doesn’t tell you is the degree you’ve opened to one energy more than the other OR how much you’ve opened to the third energy.

It is simply guiding us to see which energies we have integrated more so, where energies may have been shut down and point us in the direction, along with our intuition, as to where we might need support.

This goes for us, our partners and our children.

What is the point in knowing a New Child Type?

The New Child Types help us to understand ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, from an empowered position.

Yes, even adults can take the quiz to reflect on themselves both now and as a child.

Knowing YOUR New Child Type can help you to see where you’ve had energies shut down in childhood, which can re-activate what was there or to reclaim interest.  It can help you to see where there are opportunities to ascend further!

Knowing your PARTNER’s New Child Type can help you to understand where each partner has an opportunity to open more to the other and to see the other’s point of view from an empowered position.  It can also shed light on any reflections from your child.

Knowing your CHILDREN’S New Child Type can help you to see your child in an empowered light.   You can see where their strengths are and also where certain energies have been shut down.  They are a reflection of us as their parents and those they spend time with and help us to see the invitations for what we can unlock further within us.

It is an empowerment tool in order to start to learn how to trust yourself in what is going on for you and your family, rather than reaching for advice, support and healings from others. (as I always include, on our journey to ultimate self-trust, we may certainly access the guidance of others. Learning about the New Child Types just helps us to come back to our knowing)