I have been mapping and downloading these New Child Types for a long time now.  My background in child development, paired with my ever-growing intuition, has helped me to start to see very clearly FOUR New Child Types.  They are not finite and there are certainly more!

Each type relates to your child’s combination of Star, Heart and/or Earth energy.  With the eventual aim for ALL of us as souls to integrate each of them.  Each energy brings its own intuition and gifts.


STAR – to open to the higher realms, be at one with our galactic origins and to use this to our advantage as far as technology and advancement of humanity.
HEART – to live with an open heart, feel our oneness, help each other and connect with all through love.
EARTH – to ground ourselves here on Mother Gaia, in order to bring our gifts into this reality whilst living consciously within our environment.

And knowing our child’s New Child Type gives us A LOT of empowered knowledge in how we parent our precious children.

Below is a channeled message from the collective conscious of the New Children – your children.

“My New Child Type represents my strengths, my challenges and my potential mission here on Earth.

I hope it will help you to understand what I am going through in a more empowered and positive light… and how this affects you as my mother too.


In the old paradigm, mothers have had their power taken away from them, as they have been conditioned to revere the ‘authorities’ and to doubt their own intuition.

NOW is the time to heal, parent and educate The New Way.  Respecting we are energetic beings and that we need to bring LOVE first.


These New Child Types are not boxes.  They are not labels.  They are, well, a ‘positive diagnosis’ to balance out the external world’s focus on ‘what’s WRONG with us’.

Knowing the energies that we DO carry through, can help you to understand our strengths, gifts and why we behave like we do.  Especially when it can bring you stress as our mother!


Knowing the energies that we have NOT YET integrated can also help you to understand some of our challenges.  It is also the opportunity for you to help guide us to integrate this energy even more so.


Maybe it’s looking for experiences to open our hearts more.

Maybe it’s helping us to open to the higher realms.

Or maybe it’s encouraging us to ground and be in nature more often.


And as you do this, we reflect how you have integrated these energies for yourselves.


Can you be accepting of our intuitive ‘star’ gifts and sensitivities?

Can you open your heart to us, despite what is going on?

Can you see the benefit in connecting with our Earth?”