Are you stuck for decent Christmas (or even birthday) present ideas?  Newborns don’t need toys as much as love and attention, but it won’t be long before this will change and you will be looking for ways to entertain your baby’s brain!  Keep in mind the ‘classic’ toys that are around, before turning to the marketed and so-called ‘must haves’ which might not be nearly as valuable.

I mostly haven’t listed brands so you can shop around for yourself according to your budget.  You can do the rounds via the usual stores – Big W, Kmart, Target etc, but also don’t forget toy stores, specialty independent toy stores, online toy stores (google ‘children’s toys online Australia’ or ‘educational toys Australia’), markets, op shops, and eBay.  Sometimes the more ‘fancy’ the toy (with lights, buttons etc) is not necessarily the better toy.

–          Cloth, board books baby_book

–          Black and white anything – (you can find many toys with these colours or you can make your own – eg. cut up some nappy boxes and go nuts with a black marker, drawing patterns)

–          Mobile

–          CDs –think outside the box of just lullabys (might be an excuse to find some different music for you and baby to listen to)

Putumayo music!

Putumayo music!

–          Toys for grasping onto (think rattles & other toys with plenty of bits to hold onto and different textures for extra sensory input from baby section)

–          Comforter (and maybe a spare!)

–          Pram toys

–          Pram books

–          Activity gym/mat

a tummy rest is good too

a tummy rest is good too

–          Mirror