Are you stuck for decent Christmas (or even birthday) present ideas?  By the time your little one is six months old, you’ll be certainly looking to change over from the rattles to more interactive toys and those that will encourage their skill development.  So take a look at these ideas and see if there is any good inspiration for your kids’ presents!

I mostly haven’t listed brands so you can shop around for yourself according to your budget.  You can do the rounds via the usual stores – Big W, Kmart, Target etc, but also don’t forget toy stores, specialty independent toy stores, online toy stores (google ‘children’s toys online Australia’ or ‘educational toys Australia’), markets, op shops, and eBay.  Sometimes the more ‘fancy’ the toy (with lights, buttons etc) is not necessarily the better toy.

Look out for my other lists, from birth to toddlers, as I have listed toys from when the age they may first be used, so some might be included in these lists..

–          Bath books

–          Bath toys

–          Activity centre activity_centre

–          Fisher Price cause-effect toys (and ear plugs!). Special mention the following ones who have proven popular with all of the kids I have worked with:

–          Fisher Price fishbowl

–          Fisher Price piggy bank

–          Fisher price Bounce and giggle pig/elephant


–          FP nesting cups

so many games to play with this toy & a winning rattly ball just right for a little hand

so many games to play with this toy & a winning rattly ball just right for a little hand

–          Baby pool (think blue clams)

–          Generic nesting cups

–          Teething toy

the one that isn't 'less-than-good-for-your-baby' plastic to chew on

the one that isn’t ‘less-than-good-for-your-baby’ plastic to chew on

–          Natural fibre toys (look online for local sellers or on


–          Jack in the box

–          Rattle or other handheld toys

–          Activity table

–          Walker

–          Stacking rings

–          Finger puppets

–          Baby swing seat if you have outdoor swing set


I haven’t put the good old Jolly Jumper down here as no physiotherapist I’ve worked with has encouraged jumping for little ones’ backs.

I’m sure you can think of other classics I’ve forgotten – please list any more great ones! Or alternatively, post them on I Raise My Kids’ facebook page 🙂

(And my disclaimer : I have two boys and work with more boys than girls, so I’m sure some classic girls’ toys could be missing! ;))