Are you stuck for decent Christmas (or even birthday) present ideas?  By two years, you’ll be looking at a variety of toys and especially those involving pretend play.  Take a look at Language Means Play and Understanding pretend play to learn more about how play is such a big part in your child’s life.  Here are some ideas to inspire you to look for fun and educational toys.  By the time you’ve bought all of these classics, you’ll barely have room for the ‘branded’ ones that don’t promote imaginative play.

I mostly haven’t listed brands so you can shop around for yourself according to your budget.  You can do the rounds via the usual stores – Big W, Kmart, Target etc, but also don’t forget toy stores, specialty independent toy stores, online toy stores (google ‘children’s toys online Australia’ or ‘educational toys Australia’), markets, online markets (such as, op shops, and eBay.  Sometimes the more ‘fancy’ the toy (with lights, buttons etc) is not necessarily the better toy.

Look out for my other lists, from birth to toddlers, as I have listed toys from when the age they may first be used, so some might be included in these lists..

Here we go:

–          Scooter

–          Trampoline

–          Crayons, pens, pencils, watercolour paints


–          Tea set, dolls

–          Doll, pram, washing line, washing machine, other ‘home corner’ items

–          dress up clothes

–          Little People sets

–          Stickers and other fun craft supplies

–          Books

–          Duplo

–          Toy kitchen, toy food

–          Car ramps, garages, car wash

–          Hobby horse


–          Peg puzzles


–          planes, trains, cars

–          digger, bulldozers etc

–          gardening set

–          swing set

–          Elefun

this will grow with your little one as they learn to use the nets

this will grow with your little one as they learn to use the nets

–          Puppet