Are you stuck for decent Christmas (or even birthday) present ideas?  By 12 months, you’ll be more than likely looking for new toys and ways to keep your little one entertained, but also extend their skills.  So take a look at these ideas and see if there is any good inspiration for your kids’ presents!

I mostly haven’t listed brands so you can shop around for yourself according to your budget.  You can do the rounds via the usual stores – Big W, Kmart, Target etc, but also don’t forget toy stores, specialty independent toy stores, online toy stores (google ‘children’s toys online Australia’ or ‘educational toys Australia’), markets, online markets (such as, op shops, and eBay.  Sometimes the more ‘fancy’ the toy (with lights, buttons etc) is not necessarily the better toy.

Look out for my other lists, from birth to toddlers, as I have listed toys from when the age they may first be used, so some might be included in these lists..

Here we go:

–          Push spinning top


–          Fisher Price toys – Brilliant basics – cash register

–          Small blocks that your baby can pick up

–          Bubbles

–          Trike – the type that involves no pedals



–          Farm house

–          Shape sorter

–          Ball (there are all sorts)

–          Bag of balls – good for baby pool, trampoline, even bath


–          Board books (good for when they start to experiment with ripping)

–          Bead rollercoaster


–          Musical instruments

–          Water table

–          Wagon

–          Wheelbarrow

–          Pull along/push along toys


–          Mower

–          Wooden workbench/hammer

–          Wooden toolbox

–          Pound-a-ball


–          Micador – Early Start Egg Chalk

–          Kids music CD


–          Toy phone, hand bag

–          Everyday items for play – dustpan/ brush, fly swat, broom, keys, pegs, scourers/sponges, bib, comb etc

I’m sure you can think of other classics I’ve forgotten – please list any more great ones! Or alternatively, post them on I Raise My Kids’ facebook page 🙂

(And my disclaimer : I have two boys and work with more boys than girls, so I’m sure some classic girls’ toys could be missing! ;))