I know, I know, it sounds like I’m saying ‘I’m too cool for green veges!’.

Who would not need fermented foods?!

Well trust me, I have tried.  I have done fermenting courses and made my own kombucha, sauerkraut, ginger bug, milk kefir, coconut water kefir, coconut milk kefir, apple cider vinegar drinks and coconut yoghurt.

The thing is, I am VERY in tune with my body and I keep seeking answers (just a small drive I have!).

It became really obvious there was a problem when I made and guzzled down kombucha, as I thought it was a holy food for me. Or anyone for that matter.  All because of how it is plugged.  And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing as I know it DOES help many people!

But low and behold, I got sinusitis, thrush and a fungal toenail infection.  And a super ‘candida’ type brainfog.

I just couldn’t believe it would be the kombucha, so I kept at it.  And my symptoms stayed.

So I checked in with our chiro/kinesiologist who muscle tested me.  No go.  My body was weak to the kombucha, in whatever way that meant.  My body didn’t like it.

After muscle testing my sons and myself for 18months regularly (like sometimes fortnightly), I got to be very trusting of kinesiology.  It guided us to be SPECIFIC on how each of our own individual bodies handle different foods.

NOT just what is a guideline by someone else.  Even if that is half the world touting fermented foods!

I cut back and it certainly improved my symptoms, like that!

But part of me couldn’t believe it.  As the masses were still touting fermented foods.  So I tried kefir in all forms, and in the end thought I’d just stick with sauerkraut.  Surely it HAD to be good for me.

Before I knew it, our herbalist who also tested our family energetically for food sensitivities alerted me to the fermented foods being weakening for me.

She found I needed a good probiotic.  At this point, I knew I had to get honest with myself.  I was seeing these wonderful health professionals for a reason.

And hey, it saved a LOT of time without hand fermenting my foods.

So I got onto a good probiotic.  And as you might have read on a previous post, the ‘die-off’ symptoms of the bad guys dying were obvious.  The ‘good bugs’ were finally helping me!!!

Fast forward until just recently, AGAIN fermented foods came knocking.  Hearing people talk about them, I asked our intuitive homeopath, ‘should I have fermented foods?’.  Which at this stage was completely undermining my own intuition which just KNEW I couldn’t handle them.

She said ‘no’.  For some people, she had found, fermented foods just create a SUPERBUG.

And so my dear friends, I encourage you to get honest with yourself.  Do the fermented foods definitely help you?  Do you still have signs of candida overgrowth or any bugs, despite the fermented foods…?

Eg. flaky scalp or skin on face or any skin issues, thrush, tinea on feet, brainfog/memory troubles/lack of focus, sinusitis, digestive issues, fatigue, toenail fungus, irritability/mood swings, UTIs, sugar/carb cravings….


Just like with ANY information we are given, there are always exceptions to the rule and since we are all bio-individual, we need to question everything for ourselves!

And our children..!

And by all means, please don’t let me put you off fermented foods if they are doing wonders for you.  Trust yourself.

In clear heads and zest for life