Beautiful friend, I have a secret that I’ve kept to myself for too long.  And it’s not because I wanted to hide it from you.

It’s because I didn’t realise that it could be relevant to you.  But now I know, very strongly, that it is.

The truth is : my son sees angels.  My son is a ‘new’ child, just like yours quite possibly is, that has these superpowers. 

By healing Hayden from his physical health issues, we accidentally uncovered his intuitive gifts.  And by igniting his, he also re-activated mine…

Here is my story…

If you don’t know by now, my son Hayden, didn’t really ‘thrive’ from birth.  He wasn’t the sickest child you’ve seen.  But he also wasn’t vibrant.  He had eczema quite early, we went to sleep school for his un-sleeping and he always seemed to have some bug.  By 3 we were healing him naturally from a possible Asperger’s diagnosis, ADHD, digestive issues, skin issues, low immunity and behavioural problems.

Little did I know the journey that we had begun!

Our sensitive child

Hayden also proved to be very bright.  He was ‘aware’ as soon as he was out of the womb.  And before long we realised we had our own ‘gifted’ child (very high IQ).  Or what I call an intellectual ‘overexcitability’.

Between regular kinesiology, food elimination trials and more, we also had our heads in ‘what do we do with a ‘gifted’ child?’.  And what about his other sensitivities – imaginational, sensual and psychomotor.

Mother healing

At the same time, I found myself eliminating foods and clearing my own brain fog.  By healing Hayden, something just awoke in me.  To listen intuitively to myself.  And by healing myself physically, mentally and emotionally, I become more and more sensitive.

In ways that are hard to even describe!

Firstly, I could just focus for longer periods at work.  I could stay present with conversations for as long as needed, rather than zoning out.  I could get a few projects done virtually all at once.  I had energy and zest for life.  I was singing ‘I can see clearly now the brainfog has gone!  I can see all obstacles in my way’!!!

Then, I started to pay attention to more and more of my own intuition.  Those ‘dreams’ I knew I never ‘dreamt’, but were actually visions of past lives.  The sense of knowing what I was heading towards in my future.. and it coming to fruition.

My galactic son

One day, I realised Hayden had been talking about Strader and Elba land for a long time.  He was 3 years old.  But he often drew pictures of Strader or played pretend at Elba.  I asked him ‘what is Strader?’.

He responded ‘it’s where I’m from’…..   Oh boy!

I am an open and curious person.  And I had certainly re-activated some of my intuition.  So I asked him to tell me more.

He told me it was where he went at night when he dreamt.  It was about all my mind could take and so I sat with that for a good while.  Of course, Elba land was the same.

I had ‘conveniently’ met a man trained by Tibetan lamas, who could leave his body and ‘star travel’ when he slept.  He would stay fully conscious the whole time and could choose to go to other star systems, planets, anywhere.

I remembered when I was very little, I used to wake from dreams having ‘lost my stomach’.  I know it was my soul coming back into my body.  And I remember the darkness and whizzing energy of those ‘dreams’.

I remembered again when I was little, when I saw a ‘being’ in the night and screamed blue murder.  My parents were quick to shut all of that down as ‘no you didn’t’.  And hence I’ve lived a non-intuitive life up until now.  But it’s kept me open to what my son was telling me.

The plot thickens

As time went on, Hayden would leak other bits out about Strader and Elba.  I think he had plenty to say, but I had no idea what to ask.  I was lost for words!

One day, something came up about angels.  And Hayden and I realised we had a ‘language barrier’.  He had never spoken about his angels as he assumed we all saw angels.  And we had never asked him about them as we didn’t know that he DID see them!  He was devastated.

By this stage, I had more questions!

It explained a lot.  It explained Hayden’s ‘imaginational overexcitability’.  He could make up amazing stories (all actually reality for him).  He would zone out at any point.  This was him making contact with his angels.

He didn’t tell others though.  He is well aware others don’t appreciate the topic.

Opening up his gifts

I just know with my curiosity and life experiences to keep me open to all of this, that it’s been my role to keep Hayden open to his intuitive abilities.

And I can see it’s potential.  Hayden brings through amazing information from his ‘star travel’ or ‘astral projection’ it is also called.  Information that makes my hairs stand on end, I kid you not!

He tells me about other planets.  He tells me about other beings.  He tells me what is going on out there in the universe.  And with a wisdom and detail that you wouldn’t ignore.  Not even from a 7 year old.

And having heard how J K Rowling ‘channelled’ the story of Harry Potter and realising many movies, such as Avatar are actually far from science FICTION, I can now see Hayden will use these gifts for his important role here on Earth.

The New Children

And as his mother, I know my role is to awaken more mothers to their childrens’ gifts.  The New Children are those children coming through in this era with very strong intuitive skills.  They are going to use them to help our Earth.  To bring the change this planet absolutely, desperately needs.

You might wonder ‘but how?!’.

Some will bring ‘off-planet’ information, like my Hayden, to help with much more advanced technology that is benevolent for our planet.

Some will know how to activate our potential as humans, something we have not nearly reached yet.

Some will use their open hearts and empathic abilities to heal more and more of us ‘oldies’, so we may access more and more of our intuition.

Some will simply come with experiences to awaken us, as their parents.  They will help us to literally ‘see the light’ – where the old patriarchal systems (yes, government, medical, schooling etc) need a HUGE shake up.

And all will help us to see where we are going wrong with how we are currently living and treating our planet.


Our sensitive new children cannot keep their intuitive gifts if their body and brain is physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually blocked!

And guess what, it is highly likely that your child is one of those too.  Particularly if you’re still reading!

Every child will present differently.  Our second son, Declan is an empath.  He senses people’s energy and feelings.  And has lately talked about the ghosts he senses in our house.

I would go as far as to say that ALL children are born intuitive.  Unfortunately, many to most children are under a brainfog from chemicals, food intolerances or even emotions and stress they are carrying.

But this does not mean you can’t help to clear all of that, like I did.  In fact, your child is BEGGING you to!  I can’t say this strongly enough, lovely one.

Our sensitive new children need Warrior Mothers who are also looking to heal themselves and become more intuitive.  They need Warrior Mothers who see them and want to help them reach their potential.

In the ultimate aim of helping our planet Earth.

Your child will thank you!

And if you’re interested, Hayden has his own YouTube channel with ‘few minute clips’ of him talking about angels and astral projection.  Please let him know if you have any questions!

Warrior Mother,

I am currently taking applications to mentor mothers who are also interested in my mother-child healing approach and to manifest their own vibrant families.  Let alone, uncovering their child’s much-needed gifts.

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I would love to help you!