What is a sensitive new age child?

From my years of work with many ‘sensitive new age children’, I have found some common links.

My Sensitive New Age Child Quadrant below shows where your child might fit in amongst all of this.  And often, families will have more than one Sensitive New Age Child, which can make life even trickier!  The quadrant, below, can help you to make sense of what is going on for your child.

The Sensitive New Age Child might have the following sensitivities :

  • Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities.  Check out more about your child’s sensitivities with this list of ‘overexcitabilities’ from Dabrowski.
  • Emotional reactivity.  Sensitive children may hold onto emotions which end up affecting the body physically.  This may result in childhood health issues or food sensitivities.
  • Food sensitivities.  Children may present with food (and even chemical) allergies or intolerances and most often both.
  • Childhood health issues.  Food sensitivities (and/or emotional reactivity) can manifest as skin, behavioural, digestive and sleep issues.  Or low immunity.  More about those issues here.
  • Fussy eating. Sensitive children may struggle with the sensory properties of food.  They may also seem fussy due to their intuition telling them to avoid foods they are reacting to.


Hayden sensitive new age child
sensitive new age child quadrant

Many families are lost, confused and overwhelmed, trying to do the best for their Sensitive New Age Child.  They have some idea of what is going on and how to help their child, but often they need support to tie this altogether.  I am here to tell you, not only can you feel confident in helping your child to manage life well but you can also create your vibrant child and help them to reach for the stars!

Get in touch for a free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session or sign up to Caterpillar Mail for more support.  I would love to help and inspire you!

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