One day Master 3 started taking my face in his hands and giving me a kiss. Cute!  Until I heard he was doing it to the ladies at daycare…!

So we did a drawing!

where does everyone fit in?

where does everyone fit in?

I asked Master 3 how he would greet the main people in his life.  This was an eye-opener!!


Master 3 named just about everyone under this category!  So we talked about who in our family we kiss.  Some partners of family members we haven’t known for long, so we discussed if they should move to hug or shake hands.


We talked about how it is probably more appropriate to hug friends and educators at daycare than kiss and that it is still a very nice way to show you care.  We also discussed when people are showing they have had enough of the hug (pulling away, brother whinging).

Shaking hands

We talked about how to know when to hug or shake hands.  Shaking hands being mostly with men that we know, especially when they put their hand out.   We practiced again how to do this!  Opposite hands, opposite hands.


It’s still nice to be friendly to people we don’t know so well, or don’t know at all.  This could be the swimming instructor or the garbage man.  When someone waves at you, that’s probably a good sign to wave back and not to hug, kiss or shake hands.

This was a fun discussion but also an important one, particularly for overly affectionate Master 3!  The start of ‘stranger danger’ but he doesn’t know it yet.