Hi friend

I wanted to share my experience with a child who teeters from the dark side to the light side of ‘ADHD’.

What I mean by that is – there is a DARK side to ADHD.  The shadow of the child that :

  • Can’t attend or focus
  • Therefore doesn’t develop functional play skills or even language and academic skills
  • Can’t stay connected with others for longer than even a few seconds
  • Therefore doesn’t have the chance to fully empathise or
  • Can’t listen long enough for functional periods
  • Therefore appears ‘less smart’, bumbles through the day


Fundamentally, the shadow is finding it tricky to stay present.  

More of that in a second.

The shadows above not only affect the child and their experience here on Earth, but also those around them.  Their impulsivity can mean friend’s belongings being broken, their forgetfulness means extra mental strain on parents and teachers to keep them here, their inability to truly connect with another affects relationships.


The LIGHT side of ADHD comes when we balance out the shadow side.

Typically, these children are Cosmic Star children – with a double hit of star energy.  

Firstly, they need balancing in the Star energy, where they are SUPER sensitive.  


They then need support and space holding, to integrate their heart energy and also earth energy.  Like the chicken and egg, it helps to ground yourself to be able to stay present and to open your heart.  Also, to feel safe to ground yourself within your body, it helps to be able to release your emotional hurts in your heart.


You see, I’d forgotten how I’d lived and breathed all of this with my own Hayden until just recently.

When he was younger (ages 2-6), we played out the shadow side of ADHD.  We most certainly could have gotten a paediatrician sign off on ASD and ADHD – that’s a story for another day.


This is how we pulled him back from these ‘diagnoses’.

  • We looked at food.  An ‘easy’ place to start.  We tested ALL foods with kinesiology before they entered his mouth as his behavioural reactions were not worth testing orally.
  • Sugar, additives, gluten and dairy went first.  Then quickly soy, corn, non-organic thin-skinned fruit & veg, grain-fed meats/eggs + other foods that tested terribly with the non-organic version (lentils, almonds, coconut etc).   We of course did fish oil and probiotics etc too.
  • Hayden would have food slip ups, particularly in his pre-school year as he was SO bored yet so curious (that’s another story!).  His IQ was 139 at gifted level and sometimes he would just eat a bit of bread or some child’s Tiny Teddy.
  • We did many rounds of him having a slip up and playing out the game of hell at home.  It would crash the whole family unit.
  • He would lose eye contact, any desire to play with toys functionally, become aggressive, forgetful & dare I say it, ‘naughty’.  His Monkey Mind got him up to no good – evil laugh, destroying children’s things, ripping books, pulling washing down.
  • I could see the quandary – ‘it wasn’t him’ yet he provoked all manner of rage and irritation out of me.  My lowered vibes would invite my Anthony’s Monkey Mind in too – ‘we need to show him we’re not taking this behaviour’ – which would rock me back to my heart ‘but it’s NOT HIM’, ‘but yes what do we do?’.  Our Declan would cop the aggression and impulsivity too, flinching around his brother.
  • Each time the daycare ladies would report he’d eaten something ‘no good’, my system went into stress.  And yes, this energetically, didn’t help Hayden either. But as I looked for any piece of light – knowing we’d be playing out weeks of shitty times after one Tiny Teddy, I worked out – Hayden came back to us after 3 weeks and 5 days. NO JOKE!  
  • He would wake up, look me in the eye, say ‘hello Mummy’ with presence and speak rationally whilst he went to play Lego for hours.  
  • It was Jekyll & Hyde and I made sure people saw this.  That is NOT my son, when his system is in stress. Please wait while we re-balance him, before you judge him.
  • This hope, allowed me to hold space more easily (although not once perfectly).
  • I was then open to ‘how could this change for the better again’?
  • And that’s when we were put onto VITAMIN C!!!
  • 1 teaspoon 3x/ day – it buffers the nervous system and of course detoxes too.  By this stage we’d also done special homeopathic programs for detoxing and daily chlorophyll but Vitamin C was like an instant ‘crap eraser’.  So simple yet it’s the pharma industry that has conditioned to believe there could be easy answers, AN answer. 


Hayden recently had sugar in a Starbucks drink.  It’s very subtle. We just start calling his name more often.  We have to stay on top of him to transition from activities (he gets slightly more lost in his playing and more likely to only do one instruction at a time). I feel irritation and anger rising within me.  YES.  It’s a nice prod from the universe for me to do some inner work.  Mother-Child Healing.

After we found Vitamin C and Hayden finally, finally learnt his life was a piece of shit eating crappy stuff, we turned to emotional healing, energetic work and I downloaded my Mother-Child Healing Approach.

As we cleaned up our diet, I started to see where I wasn’t high vibe.  I could see my stress.  I could see the link.  Wherever Hayden went, if he sensed stress, he would be more ‘on edge’ and likely to be impulsive. 

So the LIGHT side of ADHD?

Well, if the shadow side is to struggle to be present, the light is being able to travel within dimensions. To be able to hone this to fulfill their soul purpose here.  Hence I see Cosmic Star children as those who will be bringing ‘new age’ information through – this may translate to science, technology and beyond what we can fathom.  They hold us open to our Star energy.


Our task?

To balance the light and dark.  To allow our children to be seen as intelligent, functional, unique and IMPORTANT.

When we don’t balance the dark, we see them as naughty, unintelligent, irritating, weird and hard work.


The way to balancing these children is through looking at ENERGY.  I use my Healing & Thriving Diamond to draw mother’s attention to the child’s energetic environment – toxins, food, emotions and relationships.  I use the New Child Types to stress how important it is that we hold them in their highest regards and allow the universe to GIVE US the answers in how each one needs unique support.


One thing is for sure, they are so sensitive that it is not worth the sugar, the chemicals and stress with them.  They need us opening up to our Star, Heart & Earth energies, to help them to do so within themselves.

Let them help us connect ourselves between worlds!

I work with awakening mothers who are also keen to look at ‘diagnoses’ The New Way. 

Looking at the child’s energetic environment and Mother-Child Healing – looking at theirs and our New Child Types. 

Head to the New Children Healing Sanctuary below to find out how I can support you and your family. 

Yes, some of my services are claimable by the NDIS here in Australia.