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The Game of Life – How to Play, The New Way

We have lived by conditioning, society’s expectations, the latest guru’s opinions and our own ego’s ideas of how life should be for too long.  This type of game play has led women to exhaustion, whilst they race to band-aid the cracks in their family and cope with their rising stresses.  Our children’s issues are getting louder in reflection of all of this.  Our family disharmony is obvious. If you’re a woman who feels the dread and burn of her daily challenges, yet seeks the magic you know is possible for you and your family, then come and play The New Way.  This empowering book explains the revolutionary energetic rules to the game of life we have never been shown, and practically, how this applies to you in everyday scenarios.   Find out about your ‘seed of intelligence’ and why we are drawn to and repelled from certain experiences, food, topics and people.  Understand your ‘inner universe’ and how our inner sensations attract every scene of our day.   As you play the game of life this way, you miraculously find :

  • your unique answers to unravel all of your daily challenges.
  • respect from your family.
  • inner peace and better health.
  • your true essence and soul purpose.


ABOUT : Heidi received The New Way’s ground-breaking messages as she embodied her toughest personal and family challenges.  Once she saw the perfection in her challenges and how to unravel them from the root cause, she found confidence, hope and clarity, which she wishes to spread to other families of The New Way.  


“There is so much wisdom in Heidi’s book The Game of Life. Not only it has helped me to realise so much about my inner self but also my Life Themes & Soul Agreements. There are simple tools I use in everyday life to connect to present moment & WHAT truly IS. As a mother of three young children, one with special needs, wife & “lost soul” Game of Life helps me to see my true self and find my way through Life challenges with ease & an open heart.”  –  Pavla


“The New Way helps turn over the puzzle pieces of our busy lives to see the intertwining of our universe with others, how our collisions have purpose and most importantly, how we can connect with our hearts.  These puzzle pieces begin to form a meaningful image that brings harmony and connection.”  – Wendy Murray  


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