so loved!

so loved!

Play School Nursery Rhyme Favourites and Play School More Nursery Rhyme Favourites

Well these two books are the most used books in our house BY FAR.  Held together with sticky tape and a rubber band, we’ve had these since the birth of Master 3 and they are still going strong for the two boys now!  Three-and-a-half years of nursery rhyming!

And they aren’t just any nursery rhyme books.. Here are some of the features:

  • The Play School characters show up in each nursery rhyme which adds more interest if your child already knows the Play School characters OR subtly introduces them to the characters so that by the time they are ready for Play School (as was the case for my two boys), they held them at ROCK STAR level that they might be seen ON TV!!!!
  • The lovely clear pictures all made out of recycled ‘stuff’.
  • The many parts to each nursery rhyme are illustrated so you can point it all out and keep your child’s attention for longer.  For example, in Baa Baa Black Sheep, the 3 bags of wool are there; the Master, Dame and little boy are there; and even the lane.  Whereas in other nursery rhymes books, I find you might just see only a couple of these as the nursery rhyme gets boring when you’ve got nothing to point to (do you point to the pictures as you read books?).
  • Between the two books, pretty much all the classics are covered.. no boring ones!
  • The books are made of VERY thick pages so they are durable – that’s how much we’ve used ours.
  • They are inexpensive.  I’ve seen them at the Play School concert (most expensive), ALDI and eBay.
  • Great for travel as they are light but have hours of entertainment.
  • You can sing the songs, practice your signing with little ones and the everyday objects/actions you see in the books, get the musical instruments out with them, leave them for the little ones to discover, let your older child ‘read’ the book themself, act out the nursery rhymes with props, the list goes on!

If you are up for some nursery rhymes (and I’ll get onto the benefits of those in another post) or want to have a revamp of your old nursery rhymes books (they get straight to the classics), then please give these a go!  Or buy them as a present for someone 🙂 Heidi

🙂 It is Book Week in Australia this week – come and see us at our facebook page – I raise my kids, to see what is happening this week.  🙂