How we came to the service :

Another ‘chance’ discovery and using my intuition!  I saw Megan’s brochure at my work and since a few things had come up recently about kinesiology, I started to wonder if this would be our next venture into healing ourselves.  So I kept it.

It might have been a good 6months later when I actually did make contact, but I had already checked her website out to see if she felt ‘right’ for my family and held an intention that we would work with her ‘when the time was right’.

Next thing, it was me that was needing a bit of realignment in my life.  I wanted to be on track with my business and also in being balanced with that and myself and my family.

Our experience :

Knowing that ‘stuck emotions’ turn into physical health issues, I have seen Megan when I have felt out of balance.  As I mentioned above, to work out what was out of balance in my life and what was important to me.  This has taken me so far in remaining true to myself, despite life’s curveballs.  My husband and I even had sessions to get our relationship back into balance.

Megan uses muscle testing, cards, visualisation and her intuition to find out that ‘one thing’ that is putting everything else out of balance.  One example was when we worked out that I was too focussed on my business and my soul was just craving some love.  And from there, the simple act of putting my 2 feet on grass each day and taking some time for myself would fill my cup up enough to allow most of my other ‘issues’ to fall away.

For the boys, I have taken them when an issue has come up out of the blue.  For example, when Declan began to throat clear quite regularly.  After a week, I decided to get to the bottom of the issue, rather than avoid it, which would only spiral that issue into bigger issues.

It is so interesting to see a kinesiology session with a child, as children are very intuitive themselves.  Megan takes on everything they say and do as meaningful.  The children love to pick cards or talk about their favourite colour, which all hints to Megan the direction she needs to take, to find out their imbalance.  And before long, through muscle testing and chatting with me also, she has found the crux of the issue!

This has been not feeling they can voice what they need to, needing more attention, issues that you kind of know are there… Megan just helps to bring it to your conscious that bit more!  And usually by bringing it up, and going away and focussing on that a bit, the issue is resolved.  And of course the health issue or behavioural issue or emotional imbalance is back in balance!

Bonuses :

Having seen how Megan just allows for the children to use their intuition, it has helped me to be more trusting of what my boys do and say.  For example, everything that the boys have said, even off the cuff, in Megan’s sessions have pertained to their issue.  So I know hold a far higher degree of trust for what my boys say and do and aim to never sweep anything under the carpet.