Welcome to the Sanctuary Retreat!


I see The New Way in ‘un/homeschooling’ is valuing a HUGE piece that’s been missing….

Our children need us to co-create WITH them.  When we value coming back to what lights us up and nurturing this, we naturally hold this space for our children to show up in their True Essence too. 


The Retreat is about : 

  • Learning to co-create with each other & the Universe

  • Parents and children coming together to get creative

  • Having a safe space to express ourselves (even the most shy)

  • Learning to identify when we show up in fear vs love


For both parents and children, we will flow intuitively through :

  • Connection games

  • Understanding how our emotions drive our behaviours – stories, circles, fun exercises

  • Dreaming HUGE & getting creative with possibilities that match up with what lights us up

  • Learning to see where the Universe is guiding US – planning together in accordance to what did flow well and where the glitches hint for us to review!



For both children and parents, the more you come, the more you will leave with : 

  • An excitement and sense of who YOU are as a Soul (beyond a homeschooling parent)

  • A clear idea of what lights your child up & what they take a stand for

  • Both of you with a True Essence profile

  • A common language for the whole family to talk about when they are showing up in love vs fear

  • An understanding of how to work magic in your life using my Earth Rules in playing the Game of Life energetically

Our children are begging us to see and nurture their True Self, rather than subtly nudging them to what we think is best.  (this is still school energy)


It is important to co-create with your child and ‘paint the picture’ of what you see this being like.  If you need more details, let me know.  

I encourage only opting in if you AND your child/children are a ‘yes’. 


EMAIL me at my Contact Form below to be in touch about places.



Thursdays 10am-12.30pm



Maroochy Botanic Gardens



$15 per child OR

$20 per family


Be in touch to secure your place!

11 + 4 =


What is the difference between the Friday Sanctuary gatherings & the Sanctuary RETREAT days?

The difference between The Sanctuary and The Retreat days is that I will be guiding the children and Mums in this New Way – the language we use, respecting our uniqueness, how we see ourselves individually & our purpose together and doing it in a way that brings each child & parent more and more into their hearts and who they really are with practical activities.

These families will then bring more of the essence of The New Way to The Sanctuary gatherings to show more people this way by their energy.

The Retreat days are like parent and child taking a ‘mini course’ to learn about how to create life ‘with’ the Universe, rather than learning old curriculums etc.  I use my intuition to connect with the children & also the parents, to bring them back to their True Selves.


What does the investment include?

The investment is an exchange for this and showing up with commitment – more so than The Sanctuary gatherings.  I see The New Way that we ‘are’ the resources and that when sharing when we feel called, we will all naturally give and receive – as other families have been bringing their passions and resources to The Sanctuary too. 

My courses are my way to ‘guide’ the Mums to embracing this New Way within themselves personally and within the family unit, as it all starts there… 

Then The Retreat days are my way to bring these ‘leader’ families together who are ready to co-create even more so. 


Will the Friday Sanctuary gatherings still run?  What about your next course?

The Fridays will still run as usual too.  The alternate Fridays are also for the Local Session for my Heart to Heart parenting course where the children do come and play alongside.  (there is also an online session for the course as another option).  The course opens up this week.

It would be IDEAL to take my courses alongside coming to the Sanctuary Retreat and/or Sanctuary gatherings.

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