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Activation courses!

Let’s go on an adventure together.


You can take one course.   You can take them all.


Whether you are :

  • struggling with your child’s shadows (behaviours, emotions, development, fitting in, zest for life)

  • feeling bad for how your own shadows surface (worrying, yelling, self-sabotaging in any way)

  • sick of the resistance with your partner

but ready to…

  • claim your Empowered Leader role of the family

  • call in your family’s highest path (without struggles, giving power to the systems)

  • and YOUR OWN highest path (joy, health, Soul Work)

Then these courses are for you! 


The Sanctuary Activation courses are :

  • simple yet straight to activating you

  • less work, more bringing it straight into your life

  • light and dark work

Also, we are doing it as a team of Soul Family who are ready to ’empower together’ knowing our energy is amplified with joint intentions!

I encourage you to place your hands on your heart and go with the courses you feel called to.  There may be resistance to work through (eg. money, partners, clearing schedules).  If you feel called, it’s your time to SHINE right from this minute!

Let’s do this!

How it works

Below are the courses including the overviews and dates.

Currently there are no courses for sign up.  Please be in touch with the contact form below to let me know your interest in a particular one.  Courses are likely to begin from April 2021.

Payments will be fortnightly recurring Paypal investments until paid…


8 Week adventure to tune into & nurture your child’s True Essence energetic profile, whether you school, homeschool or unschool rather than wasting energy on activities that aren’t aligned.


10 Week adventure to insist on stronger heart to heart connection with your child and empowering them to know how to handle their shadow side… to find their light.


5 Week adventure to dive in deeper with your Inner Work (light and dark) and ‘practice mastery’ of the challenges that are coming up for you, your family and your Soul Work.


5 Week adventure to stand in your power, open your heart & create a strong family foundation through an empowered relationship with your partner.

Working with a Heidi really has been life changing for me and my family.

Heidi has helped me join so many dots. I can honestly say I now look at life in a completely different and more empowered way.

Signing up to a block of courses and doing continuing work on the different facets – parenting, inner work, partners etc really showed me how intertwined it all is.

I looked forward to the next course every time, to see what new insights I would take away, they all linked together perfectly. I felt safe to be truly me and was supported where ever I was at.

Nikki Westerberg

Mum of 3 magical children

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