6 month embodiment where women merge

inner work + family work to become the woman, mother & partner they dream to be

But first we must move through the shadows of all that is not…..

  • to have no support

  • to feel unfulfilled

  • to be responsible for ‘everything’

  • to struggle with family disharmony

  • to put myself last

  • to be judged for my emotions and callings

  • to not be the main money provider

  • to feel misunderstood, lack of respect, unseen & unheard

  • to witness sibling disharmony

  • to live with my children’s shadows every day – behaviour, diagnoses, sleep, communication, health, social challenges & beyond….

  • to yearn for my children to express their potential

  • to feel disconnected from my children

  • to witness my children being misunderstood, unseen & unheard by others

  • to have to make tricky parenting decisions

  • to feel disrespected by my children

  • to have to stand up & speak up for my children – family members, friends, teachers & beyond…

  • to have opposite parenting views

  • to have money conflict

  • to be misunderstood, undervalued, unseen & unheard

  • to feel disconnected from my partner or even being able to reason with my ex-

  • to have to manage my partner / ex-partner’s disorganisation

  • to yearn for my children to have a more involved father

  • to struggle to see their light

  • to consider splitting up / make co-parenting work


The New Way is to practice inner work + family work to literally move through these challenges we are all experiencing….






  • Your children and partner change in miraculous ways

  • You become respected in your family

  • You create family harmony by firstly creating inner peace for yourself

  • You see clearly what actually is AND ISN’T a problem for your family

  • You step further away from needing external help from others

The New Woman is embodying living The New Way by owning that she is creating her reality from within.  We are living by energetics…

The New Woman embodiment


How it works

Learning and integrating : 1 month per topic

  • how to play the game of life by energetics & empowerment
  • the Soul Agreement
  • how the Soul Agreement & energetics dictates everything
  • connect with your Soul Agreement
  • work with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies
  • become the expert on your entire being and creator of your reality
  • use your shadows to find your power
  • build a strong family foundation based on heart connection & truth
  • know the mother is the expert in moving her children through their challenges
  • honour our interconnectedness with family energetics (even if we have separated from our children’s father or brought in new members)
  • use our heart connection as our driving force

Embodying & making practical changes : 1 month per theme

Inwards, we will honour our inner Universe on any themes under the roles of woman, mother and partner (or ex-partner).

Outwards, we will use our clarity to speak up and make the changes that are aligned with our Soul Agreements.  

All how it feels just right for you… we are honouring your unique unfolding, not taking a ‘tick off’ course!


You are invited…..

The New Woman 6 months embodiment


  • 2 x weekly group sessions with Heidi for 6 months

    • Groundwork + Q&A sessions
    • Embodiment + Q&A sessions
  • Dynamic & fully supported Facebook group, The Sanctuary

  • Sister connection opportunities

  • Full Access to The Sanctuary courses resources

    • Heart to Heart Parenting
    • Empowered Mothers
    • Harmonious Partners
    • Nurture Your Child’s True Essence

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resources include….




The New Woman embodiment is for you if you are yearning :

for more clarity and confidence as a woman, mother and partner

for more family harmony including with co-parenting

to learn the secrets to human-ing WELL as an empowered woman

to focus your energy on ‘being better’ in your mother and partner roles

for BIG trajectory changes for you and your family members in reaching your potential

to move beyond the mainstream AND New Age spiritual worlds

How much would you value your own inner harmony AND the family harmony you dream of?

How much time and energy are you feeling to invest to create this?



The New Way is a big ‘no’ to over-inflated prices AND women signing up to one more course, from fear of missing out.  


This round of The New Woman is what Heidi feels is fair and right for those taking the first round + it reflects your commitment to embodying The New Way and making your dreams come true for yourself and your family.


SIGN UP to 6 months embodiment


to the COMMITMENT package, adding 3 x private mentoring sessions with Heidi to commit to embodying The New Woman even further. 

** payment plan available

This is an introductory value, to co-create with me on the first round and will be valued higher for the second round.  In saying this, Heidi will be placing all of her energy with this embodiment to be sure you receive the results you are willing to put in yourself!



  • Confidence and clarity as a mother

  • Empowerment by having done the inner work through the course

  • Forever changed family trajectory

  • A new view on life, seeing every challenge through empowered eyes & the order of the universe

  • Support and accountability ++

  • Resources to suit your learning style

BY : 

  • Weekly Teaching or Embodiment Sessions to be sure you stay ‘in’ The New Way energy

  • Weekly Q&A sessions

  • Dynamic and fully supported Facebook group – The Sanctuary

  • Sister connection sessions

*all sessions held by Heidi and are recorded

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Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women.

This course is about inspiring women to flip the old reality of giving their power away, blaming and fixing their children and partners and instead to own they create their own reality.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach in this course, having studied the ego self in great depths, that can hold us back from staying connected to our intuition and heart connection with ourselves and those around us.

I not only look at making practical, stress-free changes, I look at the bigger picture, including energetics, which is much overlooked within the usual parenting and self-help fields.

As a paediatric Speech Pathologist, who has been through and come out of the mainstream world, I bring many answers surrounding what our children ACTUALLY need in regards to their perceived problems.  I am a voice for the children, to help parents see that it comes back to them shifting their stuff, to meet their children at their highest potential.

We must remember, our challenges are the KEY to going inwards first, to find inner peace and harmony, which THEN creates this within our family.

More on how we flow…

LEARN – the groundwork of The New Way

  • inner work – find your unique point in where to start going within & how to.  The 4 Bodies Inner Work process

  • family work – learn about family energetics & our interconnectedness – why the disharmony begins.  The Mother-Child Healing Approach.


FIND CLARITY – to see by energetics

  • See why your child is a fussy eater or won’t stop the meltdowns & the connection to your inner universe (we will go through ALL of your children’s challenges big or small)

  • See why your partner or ex-partner won’t help, listen or value your input (and ALL of your partner challenges)



EMBODY – to feel & experience

  • Allow & practice feeling – what it is like to be a woman, mother and partner/ex- experiencing our challenging themes

  • Become the expert of your inner Universe & soul agreement – practice connecting to your 4 bodies  



PRACTICE – to insist on The New Way of living

  • Commit to becoming the New Woman in your family, small steps at a time

  • Make the practical changes for you & your family



RECEIVE SUPPORT – to do it with ease

  • Embodiment sessions

  • Guidebooks, meditations, recorded playshops

  • Sister connection + accountability



Send a quick email with any questions!

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