But first we must move through the shadows of all that is not…..

  • to have no support

  • to feel unfulfilled

  • to be responsible for ‘everything’

  • to struggle with family disharmony

  • to put myself last

  • to be judged for my emotions and callings

  • to not be the main money provider

  • to feel misunderstood, lack of respect, unseen & unheard

  • to witness sibling disharmony

  • to live with my children’s shadows every day – behaviour, diagnoses, sleep, communication, health, social challenges & beyond….

  • to yearn for my children to express their potential

  • to feel disconnected from my children

  • to witness my children being misunderstood, unseen & unheard by others

  • to have to make tricky parenting decisions

  • to feel disrespected by my children

  • to have to stand up & speak up for my children – family members, friends, teachers & beyond…

  • to have opposite parenting views

  • to have money conflict

  • to be misunderstood, undervalued, unseen & unheard

  • to feel disconnected from my partner or even being able to reason with my ex-

  • to have to manage my partner / ex-partner’s disorganisation

  • to yearn for my children to have a more involved father

  • to struggle to see their light

  • to consider splitting up / make co-parenting work

The New Way is to practice inner work + family work to literally move through these challenges to embody your soul work ….

And for those who feel ready….






  • Your children and partner change in miraculous ways

  • You become respected in your family

  • You create family harmony by firstly creating inner peace for yourself

  • You see clearly what actually is AND ISN’T a problem for your family

  • You step further away from needing external help from others

  • You know who you are and step into your soul work

The New Woman is embodying living The New Way by owning that she is playing out her reality from within.  We are living by energetics…

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The New Woman 6 month embodiment is a fully supported and guided journey with other women in a Facebook group.

The New Woman immersion is the same content but at your own pace and with group calls off social media.

6 Month Embodiment


Full resource library at Dashboard x x
All personal scenarios & questions addressed via FB LIVE x
6 x Zoom group mentoring calls when you choose x
Guided journey as a group x
Accountability and soul family connection x
Take at your own pace x
Discounted option to deepen into The New Way – personally and soul work in 2025 x
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Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women.

This course is about inspiring women to flip the old reality of giving their power away, blaming and fixing their children and partners and instead to own they create their own reality.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach, having studied the ego self in great depths, that can hold us back from staying connected to our intuition and heart connection with ourselves and those around us.

I not only look at making practical, stress-free changes, I look at the bigger picture, including energetics, which is much overlooked within the usual parenting and self-help fields.

As a paediatric Speech Pathologist, who has been through and come out of the mainstream world, I bring many answers surrounding what our children ACTUALLY need in regards to their perceived problems.  I am a voice for the children, to help parents see that it comes back to them shifting their stuff, to meet their children at their highest potential.

We must remember, our challenges are the KEY to going inwards first, to find inner peace and harmony, which THEN creates this within our family.

Feedback from 2023 New Woman participant

“It is a safe space with so much day to day ‘in the moment’ feed back.  After (or during!) the situation I often think – right, I need to write that one down so i can get feedback on it. Its those small daily moments that help define what the bigger problem is and to get direct feedback on those things is the most helpful parenting tool for me.