The Harmonious Partners course is an exciting, empowering course run in a safe and supportive environment, in the New Children Healing Sanctuary.  

The intention for this course is to guide more women, like yourself, to stand in their power within the relationship, while they focus on continuing to open their hearts.  By default, energetically, they hold space for their partner (& children) to magnetically do the same.


The Harmonious Partners course is an 8 week online course, designed to be ‘less is more’.

NEXT ROUND STARTS : January 24th 2022

The course will bring the following activating tools to unlock your empowered self…. And magically, you will see how this changes your partner and relationship too.

  • mini-guidebooks + playsheets + + workshops + meditations

  • 1:1 individual support – answering your questions with online group calls

  • weekly activity to focus on


Women have been activated and found success by doing all of the above or just a combination.  Let the Universe guide you as to what you need for your relationship!

Some of the topics we cover, to empower our relationship

  • Seeing our partner’s light, beyond their shadows

  • Communicating with heart

  • Recognising our Monkey Mind (ego, fear-based self) within the relationship

  • Releasing our emotional charge

  • Recognising their Monkey Mind

  • Responding from an empowered place

  • Why am I attracting these scenarios?

  • Gifts & blocks – who’s got what in which life areas

  • Using these to unlock each other

  • Magnetising our partner instead of repelling

  • Visualising & using energetics

  • How to get to desiring intimacy

This course has allowed me to look at myself so much and the way that I respond to things too!

It hasn’t been pleasant in some instances, but geez whizz it has felt better overtime.

He and I are fighting soooo much less and truly communicating so much better.

Especially today after a 4am wake up from the boys and my car breaking down!

And I have a confession to make.. I haven’t delved into all the online questions yet past module 1.. this is so powerful Heidi.

One empowered woman from previous round

It felt like a merry go round of fill my cup/ come back down/ do my thing/ react to his negative state – no wonder I’m exhausted a lot of the time, even though my self care and cup filling is a priority.  I was not allowing myself to maintain it.

I actually feel I get this now and feel it deep in my being about what this means. 

One empowered woman from previous round

I finally had the chance to tell him about this course. He said he noticed a shift in my response to him.

I honestly thought this would help with our marriage, but being in here with the accountability has helped ME most. 

I am coming back to centre so much quicker.

I am SO aware of my triggers and downspiral thoughts and so happy that they are not affecting me. I am able to spiral back up quickly. 

Thank you Heidi.

I cannot even imagine what level I can take myself to when I dig more into the work x

One empowered woman from previous round


This course alone will set you on a completely different trajectory than where you are with your partner and also yourself and your family right now.

The next round is open – to start 24 January 2022.


Below you can : 

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  • view details of ALL FOUR Sanctuary Activation Courses – to see all the pieces of the puzzle


Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women.

This course is about inspiring women to step into their most empowered state, to step away from blaming their external reality and seeing how they can make these changes, practically.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach in this course, having transformed my own relationship with myself as I transformed my relationship with my partner, Anthony.


How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Just by participating in the weekly activity or reading the mini-guidebooks (about 3-5 pages), you will already be unlocking what you need. 

Of course, the more you put your energy behind the course, the more you will see the changes. 

This 8week course is designed for you to understand all that you need to empower yourself and your relationship forever!

Does my partner need to participate?
No.  Some women have not even told their partner they are doing it, although we work on open and honest communication during the course!  The course is about like-minded women coming together, to learn how to change themselves within the relationship.
Does it matter if we don’t have children?
No.  The course is 100% relevant, even if you don’t have children.
How is the course delivered?

You will have access to a dashboard in the New Children Healing Sanctuary.

You will have access to mini guidebooks, playsheets, meditations, videos.

There will be a weekly task emailed to you and supporting group online calls for 6 of the 8 weeks.

The calls will guide you in ‘what you need to know to move through your unique challenges’ as well as intuitive guidance for you from Heidi.

Did the Communicate with Heart playsheet with him last night and WOW what shifts.  I had mentioned earlier in the week I would like to do some of the homework together and instead of my usual (polite but slightly controlling) ‘let’s do this tonight’, I waited for him to approach me that the time was right.  Sooo glad I waited!

One empowered woman from previous round

A friend came over yesterday and she had just had a fight with her man – I was full of gifts and blocks wisdom and miracles and magic over resentment and she left with such clarity and some solid strategies after our chat!

One empowered woman from previous round