Welcome!!  To the New Children Healing Sanctuary!


Here, we are practicing living by LOVE, returning, humbly, back to our hearts, so we can guide our children and families towards our highest life path.

Parenting, education, well being, soul work – it encompasses everything.


This will be a movement supported by many, practiced together.


We are the leaders.  We are going first.  This is just the start, magical hearts!


The more we come together, connect and do our Inner Work, the more we magnify our results.


This is not just me leading.  This is us, a group of sovereign souls, honouring each other for our gifts and our journey back to love.  Together, we will each bring light to the many facets of this New Way.


We are responding to the call of our children.  To go a New Way.  We can see the Old Way of living life hasn’t worked for us.

Our children have shown us :

  • That the medical system doesn’t get to the root of their health issues

  • How the school system doesn’t reflect their expansive nature and soul’s calling

  • How controlling parenting only breeds resistance and family arguments

  • If we are not stepping up as Empowered Warrior Mothers, we are forgetting our soul’s calling

The sheer overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion at how to be the mother we want to be has turned us to look at The New Way.


It’s time to come together. To support and activate each other and to build strength together.

How the New Children Healing Sanctuary community works

  • THE NEW WAY MOVEMENT : we come together acknowledging doing our Inner Work, light and dark, is paramount in shifting ourselves & those around us, back to LOVE energy.

  • FACEBOOK GROUP : the Sanctuary is a high-vibe, empowered space, centred in a sparkling new energetic container.  Further details below in how we flow!

  • COURSES & RESOURCES : access my courses & resources in how to move towards The New Way as you need through The Sanctuary Library (dashboard link within the Group Description of the Facebook group)

The Sanctuary is created on the following pillars, to bring us back to our highest path and out of the human 3D drama.


belong – connect – play – wonder – remember – release – rise

But first…

Alignment is key. The New Way brings deep commitment to its values:

  • The Energetic Connection in the family unit

Our stress affects how we respond to our partner, children and beyond. Our children’s ‘issues’ & how they show up in the world can be unlocked by doing our Inner Work.


  • Family Harmony

It is the key to and barometer of our Life Balance. It is also a guide in unlocking each family member’s highest potential and endless gifts.


  • Our Inner Work (light and dark)

We start to honour it as our only work here on Earth, always moving towards our highest truth, away from the human 3D drama. We are the only ones that can turn the magic key.


  • Creating Our Own Reality

Full empowerment is when we take ownership for everything we are creating and attracting, knowing we are moving towards standing on our own two feet as Empowered Warrior Women in every life theme we signed up to.


  • Spying our ego

Respect for the practice of Self-Reflection and Self-Responsibility in how we project ourselves onto others.


  • Raising our vibrations

Doing the work to come back to truly loving ourselves, to maintain deep Self Care.

  • Honouring our children

They are guiding us to be humble, recognising we are both students and teachers to each other. They trigger us, to do our Inner Work.


  • Accepting our important role as mothers of the New Children

Committing to facing our fears, to keep holding higher and higher visions for children, ourselves and our family. We are their magic key to becoming their best self.


  • Holding Heartspace

Primarily for ourselves as women of the New Age doing our generation-shifting, Mother Gaia-uplifting Inner Work. With courage and empowerment, we hold space for those around us to do so too.


  • We respect the Earth’s seasons and cycles

As we do, we see our light/dark, yin/yang through empowered eyes. A framework from the Earth, for us to find balance.


The New Children Healing Sanctuary is free.  However, we are a community and a co-creation and are practicing the movement of being seen and heard for who we are as women and mothers, in order to heal a lot of what is trapping us from manifesting our children’s (& family’s) higher and higher paths.

I have seen courses can bring stress of needing to ‘keep up’ – the conditioning that everything must be learnt in a given timeframe.  This stress can take away from trusting in divine timing and being open to receiving our ‘golden keys’ to our expansion as they need to come.
For this reason, I have felt to completely change the way I serve many women.
I have seen that we are all better supported with an ongoing slow drip-feed of guidance as well as sister support.  That way there is time for processing, real life ‘prac’ and then to be seen and heard amongst other sisters.  WITHOUT the stress of keeping up, timelines or getting your ‘money’s worth’.

For now, The Sanctuary Library is completely free too.  Please go in and see what is there as there is months worth of resources for you to use, to guide you and your family!

Should I join?

If this all resonates deeply, it’s for you.  I am calling in those who feel completely aligned & excited for what this will bring for us all into 2020 and beyond, individually and together!


I see women who are just awakening, yet recognise and honour these values.


I see women who are practicing their Inner Work & already feel aligned.


I see women who resonate with these values and already feel they can support and guide others, let alone create their Soul Work from it, linking up more and more women with The New Way in their way. I am not the only leader in this!

It is one thing to be awakened but another to say ‘yes’ to our Inner Work and truly owning that we can change our reality by changing ourselves


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