Lovely mama

I feel your pain, trying to make sense of the challenges in your life.  They are real.

It can feel unbearable. The confusion, exhaustion and overwhelm is really testing. 

I have been through it and continue to do so as I go deeper. I am walking with you.

I honour you for still searching for a better way. 

I honour you for still envisioning a more vibrant version of your family than it is now. 

Would you like intuitive & holistic support to empower yourself with….

  • your relationship with your partner or father of your children

  • your inner hurts and how they challenge you

  • to diagnose your child or not

  • school or home- and unschooling issues

  • your child’s behaviour issues/anxiety of any kind

  • emotions

  • fussy eating/mealtime

  • development eg. speech/language

  • sensory issues

  • your stress – where to start with Inner Work

  • rest of family’s stress – holding space

  • being a stronger mother/taking a stand for yourself and/or your children

  • nurturing your child’s gifts

  • visualising & manifesting your vibrant family

  • seeing why it’s all happening spiritually

  • seeing NEXT GOLDEN STEPS in all of this 

Here’s how I can help you to transform all of this into gold for your family..

I intuitively see your children in their highest light, beyond their behaviours, struggles and labels.

I see you in your highest light beyond your fears, beyond those ways you’ve regretted treating your family and free of your inner hurts.

I even gather a picture of your partner and/or father of your children in their highest light.

This gives me a North Star to guide you.

We are not just aiming to heal one of your children.

Or fix one parenting problem.

We are untangling the kinks in the whole family unit’s web.

The family web is very complex and so we tune in closely to where the stress is actually starting from.

How your stress affects your children.

How your partner’s stress affects your children which affects you.

How your gifts can smooth the kinks in the family.

How your partner’s gifts can too (& how it works if you’re separated).

How your children are actually holding space, patiently, for you to empower yourself in all of this……. which erases their challenges and unlocks their gifts!

By default, we move through all of your challenges, in the cosmic order that it is designed to.

Ultimately, I help you to see the ‘Earth rules’ – how to approach your challenging situations with love and empowerment rather than reacting in fear and disempowerment.

I hold you to going for your highest visions.  I show you how to practically.

I got so much out of our sessions

You share your insights with compassion and have the ability to get straight to the core issue.

A mirror for reflection and honesty, if you are really ready to make positive changes for yourself and your family I highly recommend Heidi.

The changes we have witnessed are beyond my original goals, when you see the mother as the pivotal person, you see that she needs a person to support her, establish boundaries, stoke her fire and build her up to know she can do this.

Doing your inner work is not for the faint hearted but know this , Heidi talks the talk, she doesn’t fuck around.


Yellowdoor Healing

So we know if we’re aligned…

I do not do ‘energetic readings’ but rather guide you to see ‘how’ the family web has gotten entangled.  You are powerful.

By seeing how the ropes have gotten tangled and how you can change it all by changing your energy, you unlock the key to understanding how to play these ‘Earth rules’ of creating your own reality and leaving your overwhelming challenges behind.

I hold heart space for you, while you find your stresses plus also holding heart space for your family.  It’s in digging deep, to do the work yourself, is where the magic lies.



4 month mentorship

  • 8 fortnightly 1:1 sessions with Heidi

  • intuitive summary notes & individualised resources

  • upfront : $1680  monthly payment plan : 4 x $460

6 month mentorship

  • 12 fortnightly 1:1 sessions with Heidi

  • intuitive summary notes & individualised resources

  • upfront : $2000  monthly payment plan : 6 x $385


** If your intention is to primarily focus on challenges with your children, please book in via that button. 

** If your intention is more for challenges with your partner or simply your own Inner Work, then book in via that button

The Children Focus booking button has a Family Snapshot form attached – please leave around 10 minutes to fill this out when you book in.

Thank you so much for your support and guidance with our daughter. Heidi is a leading light in conscious parenting and she has such a beautiful supportive energy.

Heidi has the capacity to always lead your fears and doubts about yourself and your parenting style back into the place it needs to come from…the heart.

She sees you and your family from the spiritual perspective and helps you to see the stories of your life and how they are playing out in your family dynamics.

Heidi’s style is not sugar coated or filled with psychological waffle…it is grounded in the heart, in the truth about ourselves and the kind of parents we are and the kind of parents we want to be.

Heidi has the ability to see the motivation and energy behind the words and actions playing out and helps to guide you toward ways of communicating with your child and how to look, compassionately, at where you are too much in your own head and conditioning and ways that you can release and change patterns that are not working in your family.

You leave feeling seen, heard, awakened and empowered…

Megan Freeland

Author - click to see her amazing work


Please be in touch if you have any other questions!

Do you see clients locally or online?
I primarily work on Zoom, seeing clients around the world.

It is possible to have a face-to-face session here on the Sunshine Coast – be in touch.

Do you work with children?
Yes I do!

Firstly, I work with the mother and sometimes fathers come too (they are most welcome).  Most clients see how much they hold the golden keys to their child’s transformation, rather than myself or any other external person.

Once things are underway with regular sessions with parents, we then do discuss when sessions are optimal for children.

I have worked with children as young as 7 years and up to teenagers, connecting with their true essence and holding space for them to show up as themselves, stresses and all.

The main part is parents being open to connecting back what their child brings up and to seeing the parent-child reflection in how they can change themselves, to change their child.

Can I see you for a one-off as a trial?
I have done this in the past however it simply becomes ‘too much’ to work through in one session, without the certainty of being able to reconnect.

This then doesn’t give the client the best idea of what it is like to work ongoing with me.  The longer we work, the more we go deeper.

For this reason, I am offering a 45min Initial Session before you sign up to a longer mentorship, so you can feel how we resonate.