The Heart to Heart Parenting course is an exciting, empowering course run in a safe and supportive environment, in the New Children Healing Sanctuary.  


The intention for this course is for empowered mothers to insist on stronger heart to heart connection with their child and empowering them to know how to handle their shadow side.


The Heart to Heart Parenting course is an 8 week course, designed to be ‘less is more’.  There is an option to take it online or locally at the Sunshine Coast or a mix.  See options below..


NEXT ROUND STARTS : July 19th 2021

The course will bring the following activating tools to unlock your child’s highest potential, slowly but surely…. And magically, you will see how this unlocks yours and the rest of the family’s too.

  • mini-guidebooks + playsheets

  • individual support – answering your questions

  • fortnightly focus


Women have been activated and found success by using all of the above or just a combination.  Let the Universe guide you as to what you need for your family!

Some of the topics we cover, to insist on Heart to Heart connection with our children

  • Spy your child’s fear-based behaviours in finest detail

  • Understand what they are covering up

  • Mother-child healing – seeing our reflection through our children

  • Emotional intelligence – guiding you & your child

  • Unlock fear behaviours in you & your child

  • Unlock anger behaviours in you & your child

  • Unlock you & your child hiding True Self

  • Unlock victim behaviours – you & your child

  • Become powerful in insisting on heart connection with your family and yourself

When I first approached Heidi to help with my oldest child’s stutter and behavioural issues I had no idea of the journey that would unfold. 

Heidi has taught me that it all starts with emotions, past and present.  It took me quite a while to open the floodgates but once I did, things started to become a lot clearer to me. 

I now recognise my children’s behaviour as a form of communication either showing me that I am on the right path or that I have lapsed back into old habits. 

Its a continuing journey but I can see the great rewards on the other side – many of which I am seeing already.

Jo Donovan

Mum of 4 sensitive children


This course alone will set you on a completely different trajectory than where you are with your child and also yourself and your family right now. 

However, the magic is in taking all FOUR courses, the Sanctuary Activation Series.  More details of what is included with each course and how it runs is back at the Sanctuary Activation Courses webpage.


Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women.

This course is about inspiring mothers to understand their children’s challenges and resistance is guiding us to find the corresponding fear pattern within ourselves and/or hold space for our children’s father to unlock the thread.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach in this course, having studied the ego self in great depths, that can hold us back from truly feeling how we feel as mothers when our children suffer, let alone in releasing our stress responsibly.

I have then guided my own children to understand their Monkey Mind behaviours and the Roadmap in coming back to their True Self.

I not only look at making practical, stress-free changes, I look at the bigger picture, including energetics, which is much overlooked within the usual parenting and psychology fields.

We must remember, our children’s behaviour is a reflection of where we are ‘off track’ in nurturing a strong heart connection!


How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Just by participating in the fortnightly activity or reading the mini-guidebooks (about 3-5 pages), you will already be unlocking what you need.  Of course, the more you put your energy behind the course, the more you will see the changes.  This course is designed for you to understand all that you need to empower yourself and your family in certain aspects forever!

How is the course delivered?

You will have access to a dashboard in the New Children Healing Sanctuary.  You will receive a fortnightly email with new resources which may be mini videos and/or a guidebook.  There will be a pinned #fortnightlyactivity.  Fortnightly prac session will be the option of online or locally & Q&A will be online.

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