The Empowered Mothers course is an exciting, empowering course run in a safe and supportive environment, in the New Children Healing Sanctuary.  


The intention for this course is to dive in deeper with your Inner Work (light and dark) and ‘practice mastery’ of the challenging Life Themes that are coming up for you, your family and your Soul Work, including past trauma.


The Empowered Mothers is an 8 week online course, designed to be ‘less is more’.


NEXT ROUND STARTS : October 2022

The course will bring the following activating tools to guide you to work ‘with’ the Universe, your external challenges and your inner universe to unlock your True Self and all of your dreams.

  • local opening & closing circle lead by Johanna (meet her below)

  • fortnightly YIN session online to come into your heart and feminine power

  • mini-guidebooks + playsheets + meditations + recorded Playshops

  • individual support – answering your questions in detail

  • practical strategies

  • fortnightly focus


Women have been activated and found success by using all of the above or just a combination.  Let the Universe guide you as to what you need for your family! 

Some of the topics we cover, to insist on more light, love and peace within ourselves

  • Understand the Universal order & process where your day to day triggers are inviting you to work through your past hurts 

  • Practice using the 4bodies Inner Work process to ‘master’ your challenges

  • The Spiritual body – seeing your lessons

  • Mental body – focus on your visions despite the distractions

  • Emotional body – feel your light and dark to truly shift your shit!

  • Physical body – find more peace within as you use it as your point of truth

  • Use the process practically – even if you are BUSY

  • Move through your past traumas, children’s challenges, partner issues & more

  • Become powerful in insisting on your dreams coming true for your family and yourself


You are signing up to priceless work!

This course alone will set you on a completely different trajectory than where you are with your child and also yourself and your family right now.


Many women have noted the magic in taking more than one of my Sanctuary Activation courses, as each course is interrelated and it takes time to integrate it all.


Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am an activator in empowering women.

This course is about bringing more Mums back to their hearts and truly embodying every challenge they go through here on Earth – empowerment.

I have lived and embodied everything I teach in this course, having studied the ego self in great depths, searching my soul over and over again until I found answers and shifted my reality to what I desired.

I have then guided my own children and partner to understand what I am doing, for them to use how they feel.

I not only look at making practical, stress-free changes, I look at the bigger picture, including energetics, which is much overlooked within the usual parenting and psychology fields.

We must remember, our challenges will only remain as long as we don’t shift ourselves from within!



Hi!  I’m Johanna.  I am also an activator in empowering women.

I’ve delved deep into Heidi’s work for a while now, including two of her courses and have received amazing results with my children.

I work on a very intuitive level and I’m passionate about supporting others to receive clarity on how they can use Heidi’s tools in their personal scenarios.

I am looking forward to co-facilitating a circle for local participants where we will connect with one another and get clear on our intentions.

We will also finish the course with a beautiful closing circle for recap and reflection.

You are a guiding light for mothers who are anywhere on their awakening journey, to help them create the life they want for their family from wherever they are right now.

I can see you waving a magic wand and showing them how they can create the reality they want.

From working with you I know you have an amazing knowledge of how to use energetics to manifest and influence/change outcomes in all areas especially relationships and that knowledge and help I am happy to pay for.

Leesa Turner

Mum of 2 wondrous ones


How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

Just by participating in the fortnightly activity or reading the mini-guidebooks (about 3-5 pages), you will already be unlocking what you need.  Of course, the more you put your energy behind the course, the more you will see the changes.  This course is designed for you to understand all that you need to empower yourself and your family in certain aspects forever!

How is the course delivered?

We are based from my New Children Healing Sanctuary private FB group for the course.

*If you are on the Sunshine Coast, you will be invited to a local opening and closing circle guided by Johanna.

Each fortnight, there will be a pinned post with :

  • new resources – a mini guidebook + a recorded video Playshop. 
  • a practical activity.

Each fortnight, there will be an opportunity to attend an online YIN session, to guide you back to your heart and feminine power.

What if finances are an issue?

Please be in touch.  I am most interested to support the women who feel they

I can look at extended payment plans if you are signing up for the Empowered Mothers + Harmonious Partners bundle.

In saying this, often our doubts will come up and be reflected by our partners in ‘can we afford this? is this really necessary?’.  This is the start of our Inner Work in calling in harmony and the highest trajectory for ourselves and our family.

Any questions? Let me know..

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