The early days

Way back since I remember, I dreaded vaccinations and I would faint here, there and everywhere. My mum was a nurse and was taught to revere the medical world (which I must say I do not hold any judgement for).  She would say ‘you wouldn’t want to end up with x disease would you?’ and the nurse would say to me ‘it’s only a prick, it doesn’t hurt’.

Neither of them understood what it was like in my shoes.  My intuition was saying no.  And I wore a lot of shame, by default, until just recently for it.

I tried to avoid Gardasil but with more pressure, I succumbed.  I even decided to just woman up and go in and sit up for it instead of lying down.  That ended with me making it to my car before fainting in the front seat and being SO upset with myself that I hadn’t respected myself to at least lie down for the damn thing.  I never completed the 3rd one.  Step one in listening to myself!

My own child

Fast forward and I’m pregnant.  I was reading ‘Well Adjusted Babies’ recommended by my chiro and got a real education about what a hit of toxins it is on a baby.  I squirmed but just did NOT know how to stand up to my husband who was then pro-vax and of course my mum and let alone everyone else around me.

It was easier to close my heart to it and tell myself ‘what can you do?’.

Hayden was born 6 weeks premature and I managed to hold them off on Hep B at birth but after watching the nurses insert nasogastric tubes, squirming for Hayden to receive a needle was just another thing I felt I had to go against my gut with.

My husband was the one who would take Hayden and I would wait in the waiting room.  It was torture hearing him scream and I now see how much I shut my heart to what my intuition waaaay deep down knew was wrong.

Each time, not only would Hayden have the ‘normal’ symptoms – fevers etc, but would also become this ANGRY baby.  What baby is angry, all of a sudden?  Hayden was so easy going and happy that it just stood out so much.  I would say ‘it’s like we’ve injected him with the devil’…. 🙁

The natural road

Low and behold, Hayden had plenty of health issues that started me on this great huge journey.  We took out foods he was intolerant to and we eventually culled all chemicals.  ALL!

I started to cut back on the products that I used with chemicals too.  Hayden was so healthy and vibrant.  But I knew his 4 year old vaccinations were due.

And I thank his lucky stars there was that gap between 18mth old vaccines and 4yo ones!

I could clearly see there was NO WAY he could handle the toxins in the vaccines.  I knew I had to speak up for him.  But I also knew my husband was provax.  He was working as a pharma rep and talked to doctors all day.  Ha!

Speaking up about it

Trembling I brought up the subject and he rejected it.  But thankfully I did it with some time before D date.  I now know it’s not easy for anyone to drop old beliefs just like that.  Typically us mums have had time to warm up and absorb new information and make those changes ourselves.

I can also see sometimes my husband’s SOUL agrees with what I’m doing, even when he’s not quite ready to ‘drop’ his beliefs that he’s been brought up with…. and not to mention confirmed with doctors around him.

He was concerned about measles… so I used my ‘creative communications’ and said ‘what if the next vaccine was chicken pox?’ and did my best to explain why Hayden would be best without it.  EVEN THOUGH it actually wasn’t chicken pox next…

So Anthony went along with it.  And before long, he was telling me about the facts supporting NOT vaccinating our children.  All of a sudden, he could see the other side!  And was telling our story to the doctors!

He would tell others how he had sold 2 competing drugs in 2 different Pharma companies and how each company twisted the studies and convinced doctors who were believing.

And imagine what the Big Pharma (pharma companies) were doing with the truth about vaccines.

Second time around

We had since had Declan vaccinated and it was only natural that we just stopped vaccinating him too.

Hayden, who is our supersensitive child was so lucky to get to school before these vaccination laws came out.

Working the universe

I asked the universe to work something out for Declan.  Next thing Declan received a place at a community kindy, 2 days a week, which didn’t require vaccinations.  So we pulled him out of daycare and I stopped my government speech pathology job.  I focussed on The Healthy Caterpillar 2days a week, praying I could get it to take off quickly.

It didn’t.  My husband and I went through a lot of stress, not only financially but also with me fathoming the heartbreak of having to vaccinate Declan again if I went back to work and he to childcare.

To do something I was so dead against.  For money.

It got to the financial point where it was incredibly stressful and I could hardly breathe thinking about how I could possibly risk my super clean boy receiving a hit of toxins.

And the irony of all of the little ones I see at my work with disabilities and health issues, that most definitely would have been contributed to by vaccines.  (I do say ‘contributed to’, not necessarily caused.  I’ve since learnt through many different means, the effects of vaccines, which has supported my intuition).


Thankfully a wonderful lady, our herbalist, confirmed what I had felt.  Go back to my job and surrender to the universe.  I had given it everything and looked into every option to avoid it.  She told me to visualise myself and family feeling happy, healthy and fulfilled and to drink a glass of water and at the end, to hand it over to the universe.

Proactively protecting them

So I did.  I visualised Declan in so much white light, I called in angels I didn’t know, I was ready to do anything….  and we went off to a homeopath to get an antidote to the vaccine.

Our herbalist gave us the measurements of vitamin C, diatomaceous earth, dulse flakes and coriander pesto he needed to be sure the heavy metals didn’t bind to his blood and tissue.  And I visualised it all in a positive ending, knowing that fear would just put worse energy on the whole thing.  After crying a bucket of tears of course!

I asked to split the vaccines up to allow his body time to detox.  The nurse tried to insert the fear tactic, that it would be harder for Declan to have to come back and go through another needle.  But oh the reception after being ‘anti vax’ for so long, when you ring and announce you are ready to vaccinate your child.  It is sickening!

And now we complete a homeopathic program to reverse the vaccine effects, from years ago, on Hayden.  It has floored me as to how long it has taken to reverse it all.  And the side effects that have come up in doing so for him.  Side effects we saw years ago, after the vaccinations..

And all of this, I did with my intuition.  I didn’t need to know any more.  Up until Declan’s latest and last vaccination…..

The truth about vaccines

I had to tell the homeopath the ingredients in the vaccine. I could not believe it was SO hard to find the actual complete list. I could not believe the stuff that was in them.  I could not believe what I read, the more I looked into it.

And since then, I listened to 7 episodes of The Truth About Vaccines.  It was really hard to hear.  The coverups and lies that the pharmaceutical industry has told for decades.

The way they twisted the studies or silenced those that found real evidence against them.  The many many many people who have been harmed or killed by them.  And facing my own shame I’ve worn from the nurses who have questioned my intuition since I was little, let alone the collective energy of all of these amazing people that are so bravely KEEN to get the truth out there.

The thing that gets me the most is that the doctors who have spoken up will admit they get taught nothing about them at uni.  And how the pharma industry is only in it for profit and power.  They are at the point of completely desperate.  For if the truth comes out, the whole thing is a dead duck.  Just imagine.

So since watching these episodes I have looked for my rooftop.  I want to shout out the craziness of it all.

It’s ironic I have had sore throats my whole life and I am finally seeing this is just one of the truths I am finally going to relieve my throat about, by speaking up.

Join the conversation here

Please do come and share your story or ask questions in my and my friend, Arnalisha’s private Facebook group.  Awakened Parenting – The New Children.  We have many mums who are just starting to question where they stand with it all.  And we are keen to keep our group with positive and supportive energy, no matter where you are at.

I really feel the strength in numbers is an amazing thing and I hope this post can help you.



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