My husband said to me the other day “maybe people don’t know what you mean by the more VIBRANT version of their child”.  Good point.

And of course you probably wouldn’t.  It’s not so easy to imagine something without having it in front of you.  But my wonderful husband found this TV ad that I have had in my mind since I saw it.  [There’s a link you can watch at the end of this post!]

The ad is all about “Meet the healthier you”.  It shows the less-than-vibrant adult running into it’s vibrant self out in the community.  And the reaction they have when they meet.

What about a healthier version of your child?

You see, the reason I say VIBRANT more often than HEALTHY, is because most parents feel their children are healthy. They get the usual colds and ear infections and maybe a small health complaint here and there, but nothing too much to complain about.  They couldn’t imagine an even more vibrant child.

But what I have found to happen, is that when you improve those little health complaints with your child (yes a child who is rarely sick and if so, recovers quickly)…. you are left with a VIBRANT child.  One who is not only healthy and happy, but one who has extra resources and energy to use their best gifts (which every child has).

It might be:

+ more motivation
+ normal arousal (not too active, not too lethargic)
+ more happiness
+ better relationships with those around them
+ more desire to be more sporty, more creative, more imaginative, more playful…whatever comes naturally to your child

+ your child’s intuition shining magically

But most parents would probably find it hard to picture a version any different than the child they have!  What would their child be like if they didn’t spend a fraction of the year with them sick or a fraction of each day with itchy eczema or every day with a brainfog?  Or what might they be like if they were able to take in far more nutrients to help their body and brain operate even more optimally?

I have found many parents haven’t noticed their child’s dark circles under their eyes, the red swipes across their cheeks, the subtle brain fog, the ‘inflamed’ look to their face.  And of course you may not!!  It’s like we don’t notice our children growing!

But, I have one question for you, since you have read this far.
What would you do if you met a healthier version of your child?

The video ad below, gives you an idea, using adults. I would love to make my own with the before and afters of children who have become their more vibrant selves.  I would love to help you.

In healthier children and happier families

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