More and more children are being born sensitive these days.  Like, every single one of them, I’d say!  Yet many families are caught unawares with the trickier-to-parent issues that come up.  Hello exhausted parents!!  So what is the link between sensitive children, fussy eating and food sensitivities?

Sensitive child

Okay, so take one sensitive child.  They may display any of the ‘overexcitabilities’ that a Polish psychologist, Dabrowski found… bring in Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities.  You can jump over and read about that if you haven’t already or if you already know your child is sensitive, let’s get to it!

Food sensitivities

One sensitive child equals very likely food sensitivities.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say every child has some food sensitivities!  Yes.  We could start with sugar and food additives.  But branch on from there and we look at bioindividuality.  This means that each of us are individual in our dietary needs.  So yes, each individual in a family might handle particular foods differently to others.  From grains and dairy, even to certain fruit, veges and proteins.

The thing is, most parents don’t have their child tested for food sensitivities.  Most parents simply don’t know what foods make their child strong.  Even though deep down, they might have some gut feelings.

But one thing is for sure, the more sensitivities (or overexcitabilities) your child has, the higher the likelihood that your child has food sensitivities (yes, I did just say plural! L).

Fussy eating

One sensitive child also possibly means a sensory system that needs some extra time and care to process sensory information.  Food comes with multiple sensory properties and eating it is one of the most complex sensory acts we can do!

So whilst another child may manage the smell, taste, texture or even look and sound of a food, an extra sensitive child may really struggle.

It is hard to imagine when your sensory system may not have difficulty.  But imagine something like a warm, fishy milkshake and now I’ve got your sensory system squirming hey!

Why we need to help these children

Nutrition.  Healthy body and brain development.  Keeping the good genes turned on.  (Have you heard about epigenetics where it’s now being found that our environment, namely food, stress and chemicals, can turn our genes on or off?).

With fussy eating, that child does miss out on extra nutrients that another child would receive.  I know!  I have one son that eats far more nutritious foods.  There is that constant ‘gentle’ encouraging for my other son’s sensory system to be happy to eat the same foods.

And depending on the scale of fussiness, your child may be receiving limited nutrition.  This of course leads to the common childhood health issues – everything from sleep, skin, behavioural and digestive issues to low immunity and chronic snot/ear infections to asthma, autism, ADHD, delayed speech/language and so on..

Now take that child that finds carbs and dairy their ‘safe’ foods.  What if they are intolerant to gluten and dairy?  Gulp.  I know.  It is very confronting to think about and I don’t blame any parent that leaves that in the too hard basket.

But the problem is, the more our children eat foods that are constantly aggravating their insides (that is what is happening), the more it leaves them open to silent inflammation.  Silent inflammation not only leads to those common childhood issues again, but also later on to disease and cancer.

Taking action

Yes, the sooner you can help your child to eating the foods that make them strong, the sooner miracles happen.  Not only do you bring more nutrients and health to your child both now and in the future, but you also help to do things like clear brain fog and make way for imagination and creativity and intuition and intellect to kick in.

You change the trajectory of your child’s whole life.  You bring ease and joy to them.  And of course it always rubs off on the family too.

The No Overwhelm Oath

Now this is quite a ‘massive’ post to take in, isn’t it?  But I do believe, the more people know about this and the more that take early action to help their children, the more these children will be able to reach for the stars and do the great things they have come here for.

But my intention is NOT to overwhelm the parents of these wonderful children in the meantime!  So here is my No Overwhelm Oath.  Say it with me!

I will take the ‘next best steps’ that are right for my family.  Any feelings of overwhelm mean I am biting off too much…at this time.

I know you are a dedicated parent, to be here, reading this.  So take a few moments to sit with this okay?  What is the next best step you could take to help your sensitive one?  It may only be a small step.  By taking any step, you will move forward.

Hello wonderful friend!

I am honoured to have you here, reading my posts.  Take a look around and by all means, if you’d like to know more about me and how we might have similar journeys, take a look here.

In love and support


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