[When in doubt, say it with a pen]
Today, Master nearly 4 and I sat down to do a drawing.  This happens nearly daily, as our way of working out what is on his mind, helping him to express his strong emotions and having some together time.  Tomorrow, Master nearly 4 meets his new kindy teacher.  He is very excited.  So I asked him, ‘what will you tell her about yourself??’.  He couldn’t come up with a single thing…!
So we did a drawing.  Nothing fancy – I don’t have time for that.  Just a quick cartoon with the first square setting the scene – ‘here you are meeting Tanya’.  And then I gave him FIVE boxes to put something in each, about what he would like her to know about himself.
So I ended up having to give him a list of ideas – name, age, family, interests etc.  After that, he found it easy to list off his top 5 (and I’m jumping up and down that Octonauts didn’t make the list!).
After he talked and I drew, we gave each a title, such as ‘you/your family’, ‘interest’, ‘home’…
I’m sure he could have come up with some of these things by himself in his own good time, however this has helped him to learn a bit more about WHO he is and we had a nice time together too!
🙂 Heidi

You've got 5 boxes to fill...

You’ve got 5 boxes to fill…

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