{This blog post is inspired from the many children I see that are less-than-vibrant – ‘going along okay’ to those with a clear brainfog to those with learning difficulties and disabilities.}

First up, let’s talk about the pineal gland as an endocrine gland in the brain.  This gland produces melatonin, which is responsible for :

  • our sleep cycles and therefore quality of sleep
  • regulating the onset of puberty
  • preventing aging

These alone, are extremely important reasons to take care of our pineal gland.  But actually, my friend, there is an even more important reason to protect your child’s pineal gland.

The superpower gland

You may know it’s other name as our ‘third eye’ and for good reason.  The pineal gland is the gateway to your child’s superpowers, their ultimate potential.  I am only just stretching my wings in explaining all of this.  I’ll try my best and I hope you’ll hear me out!

Each child is born with superpowers and has full access to them, as long as their pineal gland is kept clean from toxins.  However, without knowing, many families consume toxins on a daily basis and the pineal gland surely calcifies.

Yes, it is likely that your child’s pineal gland and yours, is already calcified.  Did you know there have been hundreds of chemicals found even in the umbilical cord?  And so we know, our little ones are born with toxins.

These toxins shut down our superpowers and ability to lead our best life.  Enter less-than-vibrant children and future adults with physical, mental and emotional ‘illnesses’.

And as more and more sensitive new age children are born, we have more and more opportunity to nurture these superpowers.  These superpowers are here to change the world for the better.

The time is now to help our children reach their potential and ultimately the world!

Superpower signs in children

Here are just a few examples for you to consider (even when they don’t immediately look like a ‘superpower’!) :

  • your child might absorb others’ feelings quite easily and be quite ‘emotionally intelligent’
  • your child might feel spooked in the dark or resist bedtime
  • your child and even baby, may appear to ‘see’ things that you don’t
  • your child might come to talk to you about something that you had just been thinking about or talking with someone else about
  • your child may know what is coming next – either through psychic strengths or ability to see patterns or use their amazing memory
  • your child shows inspiring creative abilities
  • your child might hint at past lives or other worlds
  • your child appears to have skills very advanced for their age
  • your child’s eyes reveal they just must be an ‘old soul’
  • your child has a way with animals
  • your child may react as though they already knew what you were thinking – also seen as a child ‘studying’ your face

Have you noticed any of these in your little ones?  Or when they were younger?  Sometimes we need to allow examples to come back to us.  Sometimes our childrens’ third eye has been dulled from chemicals at an early age.

So what are these superpowers?

Just like we are all born with our strengths, interests and personalities, we are also born with our own combination and affinity to use certain superpowers.  Yes even if it is hard to believe!

Here are just a few examples, which stem from the early signs I see in children, listed above :

  • intuition – inner knowing and pattern recognising, without the need for external validation and scientific evidence
  • empathic abilities – ability to acquire knowledge through feeling
  • photographic memory – ability to recall information from memory with few exposures
  • healing – ability to heal in non-traditional ways, mostly using energy
  • precognition – ability to perceive future events
  • telepathy – ability to communicate mentally, without words
  • mediumship – ability to communicate with spirits
  • channeling – bringing through ideas and information from higher consciousness

Isn’t that all science fiction?

Nope!  Science fact!  For many of us, we have been brought up to believe these abilities are all fiction.  Why?  The ‘powers that be’ can sense the chaos that might ensue should this be mainstream knowledge.

We would all be using our intuition to work out what we need, who we are and how to be.  It is almost hard to fathom how our world would change should we have our superpowers working for us!  Can you imagine how these sensitive new age children, born with love and amazing abilities, could improve though?

We would not necessarily need medical intervention, education from others and let alone pharmaceuticals, chemicalised foods/water and much of the material world or media such as magazines, TV and even the news.

We would live by truth and love, instead of fear, which much of this world is currently based on.

Just imagine…  Or too hard to imagine?  Stay with me!

So how do these superpowers help my child to lead their best life?

When our children are able to use their superpowers, they can achieve their ‘soul mission’ or lifepath.  And working towards our soul mission is literally the golden key to fulfillment, not (just) through material possessions or other means we are brought up to believe.

Here are a few examples of how superpowers have brought forward these peoples’ soul purpose.

  • J K Rowling channeled Harry Potter series from the higher realms
  • Einstein used intuition and imagination to help him to realise his knowledge
  • many films and books are channeled from higher consciousness (and actually represent more of a ‘true story’ than we realise)
  • creatives, such as famous artists to ‘big thinkers’ are accessing more of their superpowers than they realise

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” A. Einstein

Systems, such as the schooling and medical system, have revered the intellectual gifts of children and adults.  But as you can see, the intuitive gifts are not even considered in this modern world by parents and schools alike.  For many of us, they are mostly unknown.

And of course.  If this topic is not openly discussed, there are limited people standing up to question whether we are on the right track as a collective, in focussing only on the intellectual mind.

The hidden and buried superpowers

Sadly for many children, their superpowers are of course hidden before a parent can recognise them.  Often as the parent does not know the signs to recognise them.

But mostly as children have consumed just so many toxins, even at a small age.  Through the umbilical cords from all of the toxins we ‘consume’, injected with the toxins included in vaccines, smothered in baby wash and lotion and this is just as a newborn!  The superpowers barely had the chance to surface before illness and childhood health ‘opportunities’ kicked in.

The need to stay open

Yes, this information may be quite new to you.  You certainly might feel uncomfortable or feeling to reject it.  I actually don’t blame you!  But I encourage you to consider your child’s possible superpowers…and their potential if they were able to use them.  Or if you were able to open them up.

And if you can see reason and even a tingle of excitement to this, let’s consider how we can protect your child’s ‘superpower gland’!

Protecting our pineal gland

  • Eliminate chlorine and fluoride as much as you can.
    • Filter your water. Chlorine and fluoride literally leave deposits in the pineal gland, eventually calcifying it.  This step is a must.  Just a note to look for a filter that filters chlorine AND fluoride as many only filter chlorine.
    • Consider the amount of chlorine your child swims in
    • Swap to zero fluoride toothpaste and avoid it at the dentist. Given a decent diet and cleaning regime, you should not need to worry about a lack of fluoride for your child’s teeth.
  • Introduce iodine to your family. The iodine displaces the chlorine and fluoride, reversing the calcification!  Sea vegetables are the best source.  You can buy dulse or wakame flakes and add them to any savoury meal or eat kelp noodles or nori as often as possible.
  • Clear all toxins from your house. If you haven’t already started, slowly but surely consider alternatives to anything that has chemicals listed in the ingredients.  There are certainly alternatives!
  • Eat organically as much as possible. Download my e-kit to find out where to start in eliminating the culprit foods that are highly doused in chemicals.

And then my friend, sit back and watch how much clearer you and your family will become!!  It is just so empowering to live chemical free (or close enough) and feel the brainfog lift for yourself, let alone see it in your child.  And keep a note of my list of ‘signs’ of the superpowers your child carries.  They most certainly do!