{Warning : about to pour some of my heart out here, friends!}

It’s funny. When I studied Speech Pathology, it was always about helping children not adults and knowing I would stick with it forever.

No way would I be one to change careers. What would I have beyond Speech?

Until I outgrew it.

You see, my friend, my heart gets just too sad, in seeing child after child with developmental issues (speech and language delays, learning difficulties etc), childhood health issues (skin, sleep, digestive issues, low immunity) and disabilities that just aren’t necessary.

Let alone parents that don’t know there is an answer or could possibly believe there IS a magic wand.

And then I stumbled upon ‘food is medicine’ which soon became ‘environment is everything’ – food, toxins, emotional health and often the relationship with a particular parent.

You see, my friend, I was given a sensitive new age boy (and another to back up my experience!).

He came with the full deal – sleep issues, skin problems, behavioural struggles, digestive troubles and a virtually non-existent low immunity. Nightmare!

And so, we started healing him (and myself), through eliminating culprit foods. All of the foods he was intolerant and allergic to.

We also started him on fish oil, probiotics and other proactive health measures.

All of a sudden, the above symptoms started to drop away as well as the less ‘obvious’ issues.

He would now:
– Give me more than 2 seconds attention span when I talked to him
– Play for long periods by himself, constructively!
– Think logically and answer us rationally
– Sit still while at the table or even watching tv

Whilst all of this was transforming before my eyes, I found myself staring at little sensitive ones at my work. They would not sit still, they could barely hear out the end of my sentence, they couldn’t look me in the eye, let alone sit and play or learn or create.

Their parents would ask me ‘can you please get him to sit and work at the table?’, ‘can you help her to give us eye contact?’, ‘can you get him to listen to what I am asking him to do?’.

They didn’t realise what they were asking of me.

They were asking me to wave a magic wand at the symptoms. Like they had been ‘taught’ through our medicalised system.

And unfortunately, I had glimpsed the root cause for myself, with my own son with such similar issues.

I had the wand, but it was not what they were expecting.

I have come to realise how much I use my intuition. I am a pattern-spotter.

I could see the similar issues between my son and these children. I could ALSO see they were all very sensitive children.

There were signs:
– Sensory overexcitabilities : Sensitive to properties of say clothing, grass, food, chemicals
– Psychomotor overexcitabilities : The need to move and use their excess energy, too m
– Emotional overexcitabilities : Being emotionally sensitive
– Intellectual overexcitabilities : The need to learn and explore their curiosities
– Imaginational overexcitabilities : Being drawn to imagine and daydream

Along with matching into one or more of these overexcitabilities, the children unfortunately also showed signs they weren’t VIBRANT sensitive children.

They had a mix of:
– Eczema or skin issues
– Constipation
– Sleeplessness
– Anxiety, separation anxiety or extreme shyness
– Constant snot, viruses, ear infections, croup, tonsillitis, asthma
– The list goes on..

Each child I saw as a speech pathologist was a mix of any or all of the above!

Every. Single. One. Of. Them. 100%.

And the few mothers I met who WERE looking into proactive, wholistic healthcare, as well as seeking out Speech Pathology, recognised what this approach did for their children.

The proactive, wholistic APPROACH was the magic wand!

Children would actually improve. Without years of therapy to prove it.

Since then I have seen too many examples of where I have been unable to help the child as a Speech Pathologist, but knew I had more to offer with my real life experience, my intuition and even my health coaching studies.

And so I started to split away from the confines of ‘having an answer… but not being able to share it’.

I started my business, The Healthy Caterpillar, to be able to be more than just a Speech Pathologist.

To have the creativity to use my intuition to get to the root cause of each child (and their family)’s issues. To make real change.

To actually get out my magic wands and flash them around!

What if we gave our children’s brains some magic wand action??:
– got them eating the exact right foods for their bodies, respecting food sensitivities and eating nutrient dense clean foods
– cleaned the toxins from their environments – what is going in them, on them and around them
– respected their emotional sensitivities – responding with love and understanding, helping them to release the emotions that these wise souls carry when faced with the challenge of living in this dysfunctional body.

We would leave their brains and bodies to heal themselves, as they know best.

We would see the positive changes that automatically happen. The magic!

And don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge the many Speech Pathologists doing amazing and wonderful work.

But I also know many that are starting to wake up to the bigger issues at hand. The root causes. And I feel excited!

But for now, I just wanted to let you know…

I don’t plan to sign up with Speech Pathology Australia next year which will mean ****no more claiming on private health insurance if you wish to be coached by me*** after December this year.

I am doing it to break free of the confines of a single profession, not to make it more difficult for families to afford my support.

That is where my online program – Food Magic for Fussy Eaters comes in, which is also available at any time to you for a very small investment of AUD $195.

But today, I want to remind you about my Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program. Depending on your private health fund for Speech Pathology, you can claim up to about $500.

But we will need to get started by THIS JULY (yes in a few weeks), so we have the full 6months to work together, with you claiming your sessions along the way.

You can find out more about how I have worked one-on-one with other mums and families around the world by clicking on the link.

With each family, I am guided by their goals and my intuition as to what is necessary to work on.

If you are interested in the program, you can book in a free Skype session at the link so you can see what it would look like for you. Partners always welcome too 😉

Your investment in your child and their future WILL be worth it!

(You can read about others’ experiences at my Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program page too, friend!)

Looking forward to hearing from you,