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Hi!  I’m Heidi.  I am a speech pathologist and certified health coach.  I have learnt from the best of the best as far as fussy eating, food sensitivities, sensitive children, clean eating + more.  I have over 10 years experience working with sensitive children + their families. My service is unique as I have combined my skills along with my real-life experience with my own two sensitive new age children.   You are NOT alone.  You don’t need to feel confused, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, defeated… I have been through all of the above, for my own children.  There is a way to help them reach for the stars.  And I now have a long list of clients who have also created their vibrant children…who weren’t always so vibrant.

Heidi Hosking

Do you wish you could bring VIBRANT health to your child…and family?

Do you wish you knew how to wave a magic wand at your fussy eater?
Do you wish you were already an expert on food sensitivities and could confidently convert your child onto the foods that promote their vibrant health?
Do you wish you could enjoy the magic of your child’s soul….and see their TRUE potential?
are you a parent
you are a very special parent
I am committed to helping you transform your child (and family..).  Because the world needs more sensitive new age children doing great things. I want to see your whole family shining in health and happiness.  With freedom, fun and abundance.. I want to help you understand what makes your child strong.  The foods.  The relationships.  The connection with nature. I am passionate about treating these amazing souls with the utmost respect. And I want you to know it’s your intuition, as a parent, that knows best. This is my family…that wasn’t always vibrant.
Our family
Hayden's story
This is the story of my son’s journey.  From less-than-vibrant to thriving.
Hayden baby


  • Uneven skin tone/redness on face
  • Eczema in patches
  • Inability to sleep – ended up at ‘sleep school’
  • Steroid creams, chemicalised bath wash/moisturisers used, nothing natural
  • ‘Bright and sensitive’ – early milestones, Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

No one asked us about diet /chemicals/ possible food sensitivities

Hayden eczema


  • ‘ADHD’ / ‘Asperger’s’
  • Impulsive, limited eye contact, mega meltdowns, reduced attention span, no motivation to play, rough
  • Low immunity – hand/foot/mouth, molluscum virus, gastro, colds…
  • Still sleep issues
  • Steroid creams/Redipred/antibiotics ++
  • Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities
  • Well-developed cognitive skills – early literacy, excellent memory & problem solving skills, very curious
  • Exhausting to parent – high IQ + behavioural/skin/digestive/sleep issues & low immunity

Still no question about diet /chemicals / food sensitivities

Hayden 5


  • Naturopaths, kinesiologists, dietitians, chiropractors, herbalists
  • Low fructose, NO food additives, diet catering to MANY food sensitivities
  • Eliminated parasites & candida
  • Very limited chemical exposure (all natural personal products)
  • No antibiotics
  • Immunity STRONG
  • Sleeps WELL
  • Skin CLEAR
  • No digestive issues
  • No ADHD/Asperger’s
  • Only Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities remain
  • IQ 134 :accelerated into second year of school (skipped first year)
  • Reaching his full potential 
It was all related to diet / chemicals / food sensitivities.  Hayden is bright & sensitive. A ‘sensitive new age child’.

What is not said in Hayden’s story is the tough ride it has been for a mum.  I have felt lost, confused, overwhelmed, guilty, alone and exhausted.

I didn’t know :

  •  where to start
  • which professional to trust
  • how we could afford to eat cleanly nor the professionals
  • how to deal with the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion
  • how to explain the changes in our son’s diet to friends, family …or our son

I had to learn to trust my intuition.  If a doctor or health professional didn’t seem right, I’d cast the net wider and find someone that better suited our situation.

I had to grow as a parent.  Food sensitivities caused by emotional reactivity?  My stresses passed on from my emotional baggage?  I had to face myself and then grow stronger as a parent, in order to take a stand for my child’s health..and future potential.  There is a reason for early intervention.

this is how I can help you
healthy adventurous eaters program overview

BENEFITS available to your children from working with me

Stronger immunity.  Less miserable days + nights.  More energy for their important childhood.

Better sleep.  Unwinds easier.  Less illness.  More rest.

Better digestion.  Less constipation + toilet issues.  Less bloating.

Better behaviour.  Calmer.  Able to inhibit themselves.  Wanting to make the right choices.  More ‘mature’.

Clearer thinking.  Better attention.  More logical + rational.  More creative.  Easier learning.

Clear, vibrant skin..+ insides.  Less skin irritation, more vibrant inner health.

More positive mealtimes.  Less stress over food.  Parents who understand them + have appropriate expectations.  Zero adrenalin + cortisol.  Healthy children.

Positive self identity.  Not ‘the sick one’.  Nor ‘the naughty one’.  Not ‘the fussy one’.   Developing their own identity.

BENEFITS available to you as parents from working with me

Confidence.  How to help your fussy eater move forward.  How to serve foods that serve your child’s health.  How to stand up for your child’s health.

Less stress.  Have clear direction on next best steps.  Know exactly how to take action to help your child.  Calmer mealtimes.  Easier-to-manage children.

More sleep.  Sleeping children.  Sleeping adults.  More energy for creating vibrant families.

More harmonious relationships.  Everyone happier + healthier.  Better energy in the house.  More fun.  More laughter.

More time.  Less sick days with kids.  Less doctor visits.  Less chemist trips.  Less crazy mealtimes.  Less Google research.

Increased intuition.  Learn to trust yourself as the expert of your child.  Know when you need extra help.  And what to do.

Are you ready to take a stand for your child’s health and happiness?
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Words from the families that have gone before you…

“From the very beginning I was able to connect with Heidi.  She knew exactly where I was coming from and I felt so trusted in her and that she would know the right way to help us find our path.  It didn’t matter what I threw at her, Heidi had been through it already and that made me feel at ease confiding in her, knowing that there would be no judgement.

Most importantly Heidi helped me find the confidence to trust my instincts with my kids, to go with my gut feeling and believe that I knew them best, because it’s true!

We weren’t convinced when told by Drs that this was it in regards to our son, then 5 months old, and I knew in my heart that there was more to it than ‘some kids just don’t eat’.  I could not face a future of feeding tubes and seeing and feeling that Sonny was still not living to his full potential.  Heidi helped me see things differently.  And it worked.  Within weeks Sonny was eating real food, and enjoying it.  We worked towards a life without a nasogastric tube for Sonny and we got there.

There was even time left in our 6 month program with Heidi to work on getting our fussy 4 year old son to enjoy more foods.  We explored the links between food and behaviours as well.  Honestly, the amount of knowledge Heidi has blows me away.  I admire her passion and drive to give all children a more vibrant life, and I am so thankful to have crossed paths with her and for helping me give that to my own children.”


mum of 4 sensitive children

“I think the decision to work with Heidi was one of the best investments we made for our family to date.  The meal time stress due to our fussy eater was high and seemed at times we were all stuck with no change in sight.  Heidi’s program gave us back our happy, fun loving, and silly girl and helped us reduce our families stress, and increase our confidence during and planning meals.

Our fussy eater’s comfort and happiness surrounding meals has improved immensely.  It opened the door to discussing food and why we choose healthy options that will give all of our children the tools they will need to live healthy lives with healthy food choices.  Although we didn’t want our time with Heidi to end because of her positive and likeable personality, we left the program with increased confidence that we can continue to work on the goals we have and where to start when we run into obstacles.  We are all so grateful for Heidi’s help and for the positive effect it has had on our whole family.”


mum of 3 sensitive children

I can help you
Are you ready to join the change-maker parents that have gone before you?  Are you ready for the Healthy Adventurous Eaters program?
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what you get
This six month program is not your average program.  It is life-changing.  Your child and your whole family will be vibrant forms of your past selves.  It is for those that need some serious help…and know the benefits this help will bring.

Healthy Adventurous Eaters program includes :

Fortnightly Skype sessions with Heidi. Goal setting + prioritising.  Discussing exactly how you will pull it off.  Access to Heidi’s knowledge on creating vibrant children. Saving you time + energy.  Love + support.
Resources Clean-eating recipes : meals, snacks + catering to your family’s needs.  Fussy eater roadmap – steps to follow at home + troubleshooting.  Meal + lunchbox planners.  Progress tracking sheets.  Ingredient label cheat sheet.
Email support To keep you on track + accountable, for your important follow up.
Natural first aid kit How to use alternatives to medications + proactive measures.  Eliminating need for regular antibiotics + doctor visits.
The Healthy Caterpillar shop Buy natural products at fair prices.  All hand-chosen by Heidi as clean + safe.  Creating your vibrant children.

Mini lessons Different topics covered as we go or a focus in a particular session.  As required by you. 

Below are the different topics..

fussy eaters
  • what causes a child to be fussy
  • sensory properties of food
  • how to use the fussy eater roadmap (a tool you’ll have forever + transferable to siblings!)
  • what level to start at
  • expectations with every food and meal
  • keeping it fun + you and your child calm
  • explaining the process to your child + others (husband, daycare/school, family/friends)
  • troubleshooting
  • setting up ‘the most-likely-to-eat conditions’
  • sensory issues vs behaviour + where hunger fits in
  • increasing appetite
  • surviving birthday parties
  • dealing with doubting friends/family
  • progress sheets
  • intuitive eating
food sensitivities
  • allergies vs intolerances
  • how to test for
  • how to do elimination trial
  • where chemicals fit in
  • natural alternatives
  • the emotional stress link
  • where to buy appropriate supplies
  • alternatives to culprit foods
  • improving gut health
  • recipes to save you time
  • catering to several food sensitivities + different preferences
  • understanding specialised diets
  • planning meals + being efficient with planning, shopping & cooking
  • packing a lunchbox that gets eaten
  • catering on a budget
  • intuitive eating
clean eating
  • removing sugar + processed food
  • fridge / pantry audit
  • clean alternatives
  • reading ingredient labels
  • loving your child without sugar
  • recipes
  • age-appropriate ‘health education’
clean eating
emotional intelligence
  • emotions + physical health
  • parenting with love
  • nurturing emotionally-sensitive children
  • helping challenging (but amazing) children
  • seeing the world through your child’s eyes
  • how our emotions affect our children
  • how their emotions affect mealtimes
  • emotions + food sensitivities
sensitive children
  • being a guru on sensitive new age children
  • giftedness and children with special needs
  • collaborating with schools
  • encouraging their TRUE potential
Sensitive new age child
surviving as a parent
  • unperfect parenting
  • how to stand up for your child
  • how to fill up your cup first
  • answers to sensitive children taking on parents’ stress
  • prioritising the juggles of parenting sensitive new age children
  • managing your emotions with difficult kids
  • being efficient
Are you ready to give your family the gift of vibrant health?
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Words from the families that have gone before you…

We first came to work with Heidi because our son was eating very little and few foods, and every meal time was a battle.  We were at a complete loss at what to do.  Now I can’t keep up with how much food he’s eating…and the variety. 

I feel like at any point in the day I can make him something that is really healthy and he won’t refuse it.  And our best ‘win’ was the ability to have happy and stress-free mealtimes!  As a family we have learnt so much about fussy eating, food intolerances, menu ideas and improving immunity.

The program exceeded our expectations and was certainly worth the cost and commitment.


mum of 2 sensitive children

“I can’t recommend Heidi and The Healthy Adventurous Eating Program enough!  Our family went from chaotic mealtimes and food rejection to calm fun family meals with two boys willing to try everything on their plate…not always liking it! BUT TRYING IT!

Taylor has gone from a tired unmotivated little boy waking us 2 or 3 times a night with frequent bedwetting, to a little fun happy boy who sleeps through the night and has hardly any accidents at all.

My boys are virtually gluten free and are understanding food and how it affects their little bodies.

We are still working on different foods and gradually reducing dairy.  Heidi made the steps for my fussy eaters easy to implement and helped me set goals and achieve realistic outcomes when I had myself overwhelmed and stressed out at every meal!

Huge thankyou from my family who now don’t dread mealtimes but instead eat secondary to talking and laughing about our day.”


mum of 2 sensitive children

you're the right fit

You KNOW your child could be more VIBRANT…and you can almost imagine what they’d be like..

You’re a stop-at-nothing parent, especially when it comes to your children.
You’ve exhausted the medical world…and you still need help.
You value health and happiness in your TOP 3 family values.
You’re ready to commit…you’re ready to take the small and positive steps to GREAT changes for your children.
You are sick and tired of being confused, overwhelmed and exhausted at trying to create your vibrant children.
what price do you put on your child's vibrant health
  • Vibrant health allows your child to attend, learn, create + get the most out of childhood…without dealing with sleep, behavioural, skin or digestive issues or constant sickness.
  • Vibrant health as a young child means they are almost ‘set up for life’ as far as continuing and coming back to these habits as an adult.
  • Vibrant health means happy and healthy families, alleviating the stress, overwhelm and confusion that so many parents carry.

Your investment, to creating your vibrant children and joining the movement of parents who have wanted more for their children is 

price healthy adventurous eaters program

Payment plan available + private health rebates under Speech Pathology for sessions relating to fussy eating.

Yes Heidi! I’m ready to take the next steps to creating my vibrant children!

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If you need to, let’s look at the price.  $AUD2100 is the value I place on the Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program, coming from the value that previous families have gained.  This is the value that they receive in shifting their child’s health and development, let alone the positive changes that happen for the whole family.  It is also the change in trajectory for the child’s future.  All of a sudden, their child’s true potential is able to shine and the family knows that it will continue on this course for life.

We could look at it like this.  Imagine your child and your family in 6 months, carrying on without the help and support of the Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program.  How much further will your child move ahead?  How do you feel continuing on like this for 6 months?

Now imagine your child and family after the 6 month program of working with Heidi.  Do you feel an excitement and desire to get moving towards your goal of a more vibrant family as soon as possible?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do a single session with you?

I would love to!  However, from my experience, it takes more than a single session to help families to achieve real and successful change.  In fact, most families need at least three months, if not six.  The continual going away and implementing what we have discussed and then coming back to troubleshoot is what helps the families learn, become confident and make changes that last the family forever.

Have you seen my offer of a free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session?  This is a 45 minute chat over Skype or the phone.  You will come away with a clear idea of exactly what the issues are for your child’s health and development and the next best steps to take. Then, I can give you an idea of how I can help you and how long it would take to bring healthy and vibrant success to your family.

What if I do need more sessions?

You can upgrade straight into the next program.  The investment you have made will be deducted from the price of the next package (minus $100 admin).

Should we see a nutritionist, naturopath or dietitian first?

If you haven’t already, book in for your free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session with myself.  I will go through where your child is at with anything regarding health and development issues, fussy eating and food sensitivities (or possibilities).  I can then point you in the direction of who you may need to see.  Families get the clarity and confidence to know who can help them and what they will need from them.

Often, families work with myself first, to resolve the fussy eating and help their child to eat more nutritious food.  When the child is eating more variety, the parents typically feel more confident to trial eliminating suspect foods (eg. gluten or dairy).  Some families then don’t need to see another health professional or their reason for seeing one changes.  They are much clearer on what the issues are for their child and know exactly what they want from the health practitioner.

How can a Speech Pathologist and Health Coach help my child?

Yes, it is confusing!  Most people don’t realise Speech Pathologists can be trained to specialise in fussy eating.  I have trained beside Dietitians, Psychologists and Occupational Therapists with fussy and picky eating experts from around the world.  I have combined these skills using feeding therapy and coaching with the knowledge I have gained from my Health Coaching training.

As a Health Coach, we are trained by the best of the best in over 100 dietary theories as well as children’s health and food sensitivities.  I took great interest in the ‘new age’ topics such as epigenetics (it’s what we DO to our bodies that turns our genes on or off), intuitive eating, how inflammation is causing disease and cancer and how our mind can affect our physical health.  These lecturers and course (Institute for Integrative Nutrition from New York) are not sponsored by food industries plugging the outdated food pyramid.

I will always refer families to the appropriate health professional where needed as there are several aspects which are not my role, particularly diagnosing and prescribing.

I most importantly bring my experience of dealing with childhood health issues, fussy eating and food sensitivities as an exhausted and overwhelmed mother.  I will always have empathy and aim to make real life suggestions.

A bit more on my experiences with fussy eaters..

As a speech pathologist, I have worked with many fussy eaters.  Not your typical role as a speech pathologist, but something I really enjoyed.

I have seen children in Cairns, who had flown down from the Torres Strait Islands.  I flew out to Aboriginal communities in the Cape York of Australia.  [insert great photo of me with the kids here – of which I never really took!]

I have worked with families privately and I have worked with them in government jobs.

I have worked with a child who only ate bacon.  I have worked with children who have ended up on nasogastric tubes or gastrostomies, from their food refusal, due to them intuitively knowing they were sensitive to foods.  I have worked with a child who was turned away from a government fussy eater clinic because they were ‘putting on weight’…albeit with less than 10 not-so-healthy foods.

I have worked with children who are suffering health and even developmental issues, because of their lack of nutrition, due to their restricted food intake.  You name it, you can improve it with the right nutrition.  (I didn’t say completely cure!  But most things can be at least improved).

And of course, I have worked with the parents who just want more nutrition for their child!  They want to help their child move to clean eating.  No more packaged foods or additives.  No more sugar or refined vegetable oils.  They are ready to look into the possible to probable food intolerances they know deep down, that their child has.

What happens in the sessions?

We schedule our fortnightly sessions for the entire program.  We meet over Skype or Zoom for one hour.

We focus on what is new and good.  Celebrating the small successes leads to more success.  This can be easily forgotten during stressful mealtimes and with less-than-vibrant children.  I coach parents to come up with a specific plan for following the Fussy Eater Roadmap as well as moving to more nutritious food.  We troubleshoot at every session to be sure of success.

Session 1 and 2 are generally teaching you how to use the Fussy Eater Roadmap with your child and making a specific plan for you to go away and do that with your child at home.  It also involves any quick, easy changes we can make that make a big impact for your child’s vibrancy straight away.

Sessions after that review the previous session’s plan with what’s new and good and then troubleshooting.  We may cover any topic listed in the Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program, above, depending on what your family needs.

We review your goals every few sessions to make sure there is nothing that we are missing.

It concludes with you having the skills, confidence and belief that your child can be a healthy, adventurous eater, if they aren’t already (depending what program you are on).

Do you work with my child?

With the littlies under seven, I typically only work with you, as the parent.  I love to meet them but as it is you that is going away to ‘work with’ your child, we get MUCH further by me spending the time coaching you.

Do you see older children?

Yes.  I love to work with ANY children!  From roughly seven years of age, I work with the parent and the child.  For teenagers, this may be mostly with them and less with the parent.

With the ‘coaching’, will you help me come up with ideas if I am not sure?

Most definitely!  I always have suggestions and of course my experience and knowledge with knowing how fussy eaters can be, not overdoing anything as a mum and what is actually healthy.

I have worked in the ‘expert’ model before, where I make the program or work with the child and then tell you what to do.  But most of the time, parents have trouble following these suggestions as the ideas don’t resonate enough with them (be it enough time in the day, not their priority goal, budget, working for the whole family, understanding truly ‘why’ they are doing it) and then comes the spiral of the parent feeling bad they didn’t make the suggestions work, negative energy about not moving forward, expert feeling the parent isn’t on board…..

I have only had positive things to say about my ‘coaching’ style, working with the parent, without the child, which of course allows the parent 100% focus on the session too.  And of course e-technology is the way of the future!

How does the payment plan and using private health insurance work?

 Once we have worked out our session dates, I send you a list of ‘Dates and Dues’.  You will then see the payments spread across your program and when it will be due.  I send a Paypal invoice for the payment.

You are entitled to claim sessions with private health insurance under Speech Pathology for sessions relating to fussy eating.  I then issue you with a receipt after each session to claim.  Get in touch for your free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session so I can let you know what you’d be able to claim.

Will it be worth it?

It will be!  You have the possibility of changing your child’s future by imprinting healthy, adventurous eating on them from a young age.  This will serve them right now and into the future.  Your family will be very different as a result of the whole program rubbing off on you!

My only disclaimer is : parents need to be fully committed to following up on the plan we agree on at each session and communicating if there are any issues.  To be sure you have enough sessions to allow for the life-changing new way of eating your child and family will gain, you would of course need to complete the program that I will recommend to you.  We can talk about this in your free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session.



Still got a question or two? Get in touch with Heidi.  You are not committed by any means for asking a question.  With love and support, Heidi

How can I support and inspire you today?

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