Lovely heart, does your intuition tell you there is something ‘not right’ about your child?  Or perhaps society does…?

Introducing my New Children Healing Mentorship…

This Mentorship takes you on a Mother-Child Healing journey, guiding you in Heart to Heart parenting whilst erasing the ‘issues’ you see for your child, yourself and/or your family. 

You can choose-your-own-adventure by picking the duration below. 

The Mums who come to me for my New Children Healing Mentorships usually come because they see ‘what’s wrong’ with their child.  The ‘what’s wrong’ is what gets their attention.  And it is important we look at it.

It might be :

  • communication difficulties – speech, language, voice, dyspraxia
  • behavioural issues – meltdowns, defiance, difficulty sleeping

  • fussy eating – avoidance of food groups or just stressful mealtimes
  • emotional difficulties – extremely sensitive to their own worries and/or stresses of others

  • ‘diagnoses’, or close to, of say anxiety, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties

  • sensitivities – needing to move a lot, food sensitivities, difficulty with sounds, lights, textures, temperatures

  • or just not living their true potential (shy, doubting themselves, low immunity etc).


Each of these Mums knows (even subconsciously), that there is more to what shows up on the surface and it also connects back to them.  But you can also tell your husband – we do work on the surface level issues too!


The Mother-Child Healing Approach connects the ‘what’s wrong’ you see in your child to  what is asking to be looked at.  

Where does that leave the mainstream route?

Many awakening mothers, like you, have already been down the road of medical and allied health support and soon questioned the advice being given because it didn’t sit well with them.

So what is asking to be seen?

It might be:

  • Your child’s New Child Type – ‘I need help integrating my heart energy so I can connect with you and respond more appropriately’ or ‘I need you to understand my starry energy sensitivities so you can connect your heart with mine when I appear fussy’.  
  • Your inner hurts – ‘I realise my stress I’ve carried since their birth is reflected in their ungroundedness’ or ‘I am ready to speak up and stand up for my child, so my child can break the pattern of communication difficulties themselves’.
  • Holding heart space – maybe you can see the threads between your child’s ‘what’s wrong’ and their father.  As the mother, there will always be something you can do, to hold further heart space for the family to connect their hearts.  It may also be standing in your empowered role with those around your child – teachers, extended family, professionals.

This work has dynamic effects on our children.  It reconnects our hearts with our child’s.  It reconnects our hearts with our partner.  It reconnects hearts between child, siblings and father.

With hearts connected, THEN our child will more naturally behave from the heart, develop according to their innate intelligence and literally start to erase the ‘issues’ we initially saw.  The issues that many parents are attempting to ‘band aid’ by the traditional route.

The Mums and children transform their DARK to their LIGHT. 

Note : This work can certainly be done in conjunction with mainstream therapy.  It is designed to empower you as the mother and to heal ourselves, our children and the whole family at a much deeper level and get to the practical steps that are your energy best spent.  Having worked in disability as a Speech Pathologist, I have much to offer, as far as practical strategies, that may negate the need for doubling up on therapy too.


    • Fortnightly one-on-one online sessions for the duration

    • Clear summary notes from each session with practical strategies

    • Email support

    • Resources to guide you and keep you on track

    • + FREE access to the private Facebook group – New Children Healing Sanctuary for those who have worked with me before

Hi friend! I am Heidi Hosking.

I am an Intuitive Guide to mothers of the sensitive ‘New Children’ and creator of the New Children Healing Sanctuary. 

I bring my :

  • mainstream Speech Pathology and child development background, Health Coaching & Touch for Health kinesiology
  • mixed with my experience with sensitive children, from gifted to ‘disabilities’ and everywhere in between
  • interwoven with my own Mother-Child healing journey with my 2 sensitive boys
  • oh and my intuition that has helped me to connect a lot of dots about how we can help our children with any of their ‘issues’, in an empowered way….. 

The New Way ………

I worked with Heidi over six months of one-on-one mentoring. I am so grateful for her guidance and gentle, expansive ways. She helped me to see everything in a different, far more positive and hopeful light. I learnt so much from her.

One of the greatest gifts Heidi has given me is to realise that I need to hold the brightest vision for myself, and for my children and husband, so that I can work towards that vision day by day.

She also helped me to reframe my self-talk to be the high vibe, pure and light voice that I so desperately believe is my essence. She taught me that intuition and confidence come from not giving your power away. This makes sense now; I used to ask many people I trusted what I should do with certain issues. But now I realise my confusion came from not knowing which person’s great advice to follow!

I now see that when you ask yourself for guidance and then wait patiently for the path to reveal itself, you have the greatest chance of feeling calm and connected.

Heidi is beautifully real and authentic to her bones. She reminded me continually – when I felt defeated that I had lapsed into my negative ways – that high vibe living is a lifelong journey that takes daily work, and that you can start afresh at any moment.

That gives me hope every time I stumble. Thank you Heidi. You are an incredible woman. xxx


Mum of 3 sensitive children

From the very beginning I was able to connect with Heidi.  She knew exactly where I was coming from and I felt so trusted in her and that she would know the right way to help us find our path.  It didn’t matter what I threw at her, Heidi had been through it already and that made me feel at ease confiding in her, knowing that there would be no judgement.

Most importantly Heidi helped me find the confidence to trust my instincts with my kids, to go with my gut feeling and believe that I knew them best, because it’s true!

We weren’t convinced when told by Drs that this was it in regards to our son, then 5 months old, and I knew in my heart that there was more to it than ‘some kids just don’t eat’.  I could not face a future of feeding tubes and seeing and feeling that Sonny was still not living to his full potential.  Heidi helped me see things differently.  And it worked.  Within weeks Sonny was eating real food, and enjoying it.  We worked towards a life without a nasogastric tube for Sonny and we got there.

Emma, Sunshine Coast

Mother of 4 sensitive children

I think the decision to work with Heidi was one of the best investments we made for our family to date.  The meal time stress due to our fussy eater was high and seemed at times we were all stuck with no change in sight.

Although we didn’t want our time with Heidi to end because of her positive and likeable personality, we left the program with increased confidence that we can continue to work on the goals we have and where to start when we run into obstacles.  We are all so grateful for Heidi’s help and for the positive effect it has had on our whole family.

Heidi’s program gave us back our happy, fun loving, and silly girl and helped us reduce our families stress, and increase our confidence during and planning meals.

Kali, USA

Mum of 3 sensitive children



Please book in for a chat below.  We will discuss what’s coming up for you & which type of mentorship suits your needs the best. 

There are options of 6 month 1:1 or mini-group mentorships.  Shorter mentorships are possible.  


You have the option of paying upfront or paying in monthly payments.  In the payment plan, I invoice you via PayPal each month.

FAQ + Common Concerns

It’s a lot of money right now
Yes, it can seem like a lot of money.  I have been there.  First up I will say, we will be working through all limiting patterns you may have, to help you to live more easily.  This includes financial blocks.

Considering many of us don’t blink at buying big ticket items like TVs, thermomixes, having a car, going to a show or even smaller regular spends such as coffees, we can start to ask ourselves are we in balance?  Are our priorities for life matching in with how we are spending our money?

This mentorship helps you to learn to live in alignment.  It will help you to get priorities straight, see the clear answers in front of you (even those you may not want to see!) and save you from making those decisions that can cost you more time, energy and money in the long run.

What will we cover in the mentorship?
Each family’s journey is unique.  We go with your situation and what comes up for you along the way.  This is the universe guiding you.  I help you to use your intuition to tune into what the priority is and guide you to find your own answers, with my knowledge also.

We might look straight into emotional intelligence for your child and why they have the emotional block causing their angry behaviour.  We might look at what foods will typically affect a New Child that you may have overlooked.  We may also look at the underlying factors of you and your partner’s reactions to their behaviour.

Wherever you are at is just perfect!

My children are too complex
The Mother Child Healing journey is for all mothers who are ready to take a stand for their children.  The more sensitive the child, the more complexities they bring, which can result in complex journeys for both mother and the child.  Without taking the time to heal from the inside out, the root cause will never be looked at.

And on the flipside, this mentorship can take mothers and children who are already doing fairly well with their physical and/or emotional health and help them to clear through blocks with more ease, in order to reach their highest potential.  We then work at unleashing intuitive powers for both mother and child further whilst focussing on Mother-Child Co-activation.

I don’t have the time
And understandably so.  Many mothers of the New Children are exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Mother-Child Healing journey is about bringing balance to your family, as there should be, when living in alignment, no matter the scenario.  Of course, there will be some time out of balance while unravelling the patterns that have brought it out of balance.

However, it is the pivotal moment when a mother realises she cannot do her best job for the highest good of her and her children, by not finding the time.

How will your Mother-Child Healing Approach be different to the medical help for my child?
We look to the underlying issues of your child and family’s difficulties by learning about what it means for us to be energetic beings.  From here, we can understand why our emotions, the foods we eat and the toxins we have around us can interfere with our energy.  And how our energy affects us physically, emotionally and behaviourally.

We not only focus on your child, but also on the energy of the whole family as a dynamic unit.  We understand how our emotional (energetic) past has affected us and our vibration to this day.  This allows us to see the importance of focussing on creating our own high vibrational self which literally rubs off onto our children, who sometimes have a very strong energetic connection with us, and also our partners.

Our childrens’ vibrations literally change when we do.  This means that we have a much smaller task, when we focus on bringing your child back to balance, solving their health, developmental, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

And by taking the Mother-Child Healing journey, you happen to become clearer, more motivated and trusting of your own intuition.  You become empowered to take a stand for your children’s future health and vibrancy… and also your own.

How will this mentorship help my child’s development?
With parenting, we only have so much time and energy.  So, in this mentorship, we agree that we are spending most of our time and energy working at the root cause (emotional, food and toxin blocks for both mother and child) to get that ball really rolling.

We as mothers become clearer, more motivated and connected with our child.  Our children automatically shift emotional and behavioural difficulties and even fussy eating or physical health issues.

I will guide you towards any ‘low hanging fruit’ steps that you can actively take to help your child’s health and development.  These steps will be those that are likely to make a lot of impact with as little effort as possible.

How much time and effort will it take from my end?
It really depends on each individual.  There is no right or wrong answer and you will always have the resources and knowledge to use out into the future.

Of course, I can only do so much from this end, but I will make this journey the direct route to vibrant children, with my experience, rather than the adventure into the darkness that many parents are commonly taking, without guidance.

I encourage balanced parenting all the way and so I focus a lot on ensuring we keep looking at priorities, ‘smarter not harder’, ‘take care of yourself first and foremost’ and ‘low hanging fruit’ goals….not ‘more is better’.

How is this mentorship different to your old Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program?
This program has a far more wholistic overview, by looking at nutrition, toxins and energetics straight up for both child and mother.  It also has a focus on intuitive parenting and using my Mother-Child Healing Approach.

It is not so different in that I still meet the family where they are at and we still do look at food and how mealtimes can relate to the energetics in the house!

We could absolutely end up covering exactly what we would have in the Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program if food ends up being a large root cause factor.

However, most families in the program end up looking at toxins and energetics at some point anyway.

You’re the right mother to go on this mentorship journey if:

  • You want more for your children– you want to unlock their potential, not settle for illness, diagnosis or okayness.  You can hear your children begging you to help them and you’re ready to find and unlock their blocks.

  • You want to be that intuitive mother, who doesn’t solely rely on experts. You want to trust your intuition to make the best decisions for your child at any point, without resorting to others’ advice.

  • You want to unravel your own limiting beliefs, emotional baggage and blocks so you can enjoy motherhood and not end up taking your ‘stuff’ out on your children.

  • You want more balance (and know you need it) in your life– making time work for you by setting your priorities around self-care, children, partner, passions, finances etc.

You’re not the right mother to go on this mentorship journey if:

  • You’re looking for quick, surface level fixes. This mentorship is more the opposite to the medical approach.
  • You’re not ready to commit the time and energy to seeing this mentorship as a true investment and priority for you and your family. What you put in, you get back.
  • You are not ready to look within at your own emotional past or feel defensive in your parenting choices.

Beautiful mum, we have connected for a reason.  I would love to help you and your family.

Your children will thank you,

Please get in touch with any questions!