Hayden’s story


  • Uneven skin tone/redness on face
  • Eczema in patches
  • Inability to sleep – ended up at Ellen Barron Family Centre (sleep school)
  • Steroid creams, chemicalised bath wash/moisturisers used, nothing natural
  • ‘Bright and sensitive’ – early milestones, Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities

No one asked us about diet /chemicals/ possible food sensitivities

Hayden baby eczema
Hayden sick


  • ‘ADHD’ / ‘Asperger’s’
  • Impulsive, limited eye contact, mega meltdowns, reduced attention span, no motivation to play, rough
  • Low immunity – hand/foot/mouth, molluscum virus, gastro, colds…
  • Still sleep issues
  • Steroid creams/Redipred/antibiotics ++
  • Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities
  • Well-developed cognitive skills – early literacy, excellent memory & problem solving skills, very curious
  • Exhausting to parent – high IQ + behavioural/skin/digestive/sleep issues & low immunity

Still no question about diet /chemicals / food sensitivities


  • Naturopaths, kinesiologists, herbalists support to deal with food, chemical and emotional sensitivities
  • Low fructose, NO food additives, diet catering to MANY food sensitivities, whilst dealing with a fussy eater
  • Eliminated parasites & candida
  • Very limited chemical exposure (all natural personal products)
  • No antibiotics
  • Immunity STRONG
  • Sleeps WELL
  • Skin CLEAR
  • No digestive issues
  • No ADHD/Asperger’s
  • Only Dabrowski’s Overexcitabilities remain
  • Exhausted but thrilled Mum!
  • IQ 134 :accelerated into Grade 1 (skipped prep)
  • Shining and reaching for the stars!
  • No ADHD or Asperger’s

It was all related to diet / chemicals / food sensitivities

Hayden 5

What is not said in Hayden’s story is the tough ride it has been for a mum.  I have felt lost, confused, overwhelmed, guilty, alone and exhausted.

I didn’t know :

  • where to start
  • which professional to trust
  • how we could afford to eat cleanly nor the professionals
  • how to deal with the emotional, mental and physical exhaustion
  • how to explain the changes in our son’s diet to friends, family …or our son

I had to learn to trust my intuition.  If a doctor or health professional didn’t seem right, I’d cast the net wider and find someone that better suited our situation.

I had to grow as a parent.  Food sensitivities caused by emotional reactivity?  My stresses passed on from my emotional baggage?  I had to face myself and then grow stronger as a parent, in order to take a stand for my child’s health..and future potential.  There is a reason for early intervention.

Hayden is ‘bright & sensitive’.

And there are many more Sensitive New Age Children out there!  Those who are living less than their potential as others don’t understand their sensitivities.  Us as parents and carers can take steps to understand these and help each child to be VIBRANT.

How can I support and inspire you today?

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Hello wonderful friend!

I am honoured to have you here, reading my posts.  Take a look around and by all means, if you’d like to know more about me and how we might have similar journeys, take a look here.

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