Top 5 ways to give your child LOVE without sugar

Love without sugar
  • Giving your time.  Do you schedule even 5 minutes of uninterrupted, ‘I’m completely present with you’ play for each of your kids each day?
  • Notice your little one’s signs of needing more love.  This might be a child hitting back at you, a whinging one or one that just isn’t complying easily.  First instincts are to bite back at them (hopefully not literally!) but if you can be the bigger person and offer a HUG, you will be amazed to see your child come around straight away.
  • The most important one for animal survival and brain development…touch.  How many hugs do you actually manage to give out in a day?  You can even add touch in by giving a bedtime massage, resting your hand on your child, stroking their face or using your body language to show you care, when they request a hug.
  • Stop being a martyr!  You know when you find yourself doing something for your children that in all honesty, they could and should do for themselves?  Did you know having a parent who continually interferes with the small or larger tasks a child feels that they can do themself, only breeds a resenting child?  Let them have a go, let them learn their own lessons.
  • Allow your children to express their feelings.  Protecting your child from the negative side of life only encourages your child to harbour these negative feelings on the inside.  Take the plunge and ask the hard questions – ‘how did that make you feel?’, ‘that must have been really hard on you…’.


Hello friend!

I am Heidi Hosking.  I am the creator of The Healthy Caterpillar.  It is wonderful to have you here in this space for parents of sensitive new age children.  Here is some more about me :

  • I am the co-creator of vibrant children (I work with you as the other, the expert of your child)
  • I have 10 years experience as a paediatric Speech Pathologist working with sensitive children
  • I have extensive experience working with fussy eaters…and I can claim that I have moved a child who only ate bacon…to eating more than 20 foods…or helped a child move from a nasogastric tube onto real food in my 6 months working with him..or helped children to eat raw vegetables after my first session + many other stories of parents needing just the right tips, to get their children back on track
  • I have helped every single family with a very fussy eater move onto a greater variety
  • I love toucans and lorikeets
  • I am a Certified Health Coach.  I specialise in clean eating, which allows me to help people make positive changes to better health for their families – namely removing sugar, food additives and addressing any food sensitivities
  • I have turned family’s lives around, by working with them to create a ‘clean eating’ pantry and helping them to sell this to their children… who have in turn become vibrant children themselves
  • I have 2 sensitive new age children who have food & chemical sensitivities – they also have other sensitivities that make them just wonderful!
  • I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia with my husband and two boys and was previously an exchange student in Brazil!
  • I received the Emerging Soulpreneur Award from Earth HQ, as recognition for importance of the work that I am doing, to improve children’s lives all over the world
  • I love to teach, help and support others
  • I love to have fun and would play boardgames and party games every day if I could
  • My husband has recently started studying naturopathy.  He has some exciting ventures to come too…stay tuned for Simbora – clean, healthy living!

My vision is to inspire parents to create vibrant children by :

  • understanding the link between diet/environment and current and future health
  • supporting parents to create healthy, adventurous eaters
  • guiding parents to make changes to their belief systems around food and raising children, that align with their sensitive new age children
  • encouraging parents to use their intuition.  No one knows better…
  • modeling my path of learning….of creating vibrant children

I am hearing the many parents out there, wanting to enjoy their bright and sensitive ones.  But instead are feeling confused, overwhelmed and exhausted at trying to deal with today’s childhood health issues, even from newborn status.  I too, have been through the exhaustion, anxiety and stress at being given two children that have made me seek the answers to unlock their ‘true’ health and potential.  I’ve dealt with:

  • the sleepless child
  • the eczema/skin lesions/steroid creams/antibiotics
  • the ‘ADHD’ one
  • the fussy eaters
  • the mega meltdowns
  • the constant sickness (and no sick leave from work)
  • the doubters
  • the fatigue
  • the conflict trying to work out as parents, what on earth to do, with no one to guide us
  • the feeling that we were the only ones

Take a look at Hayden’s story to see how far we’ve come…this is the success that is possible for you and your child.

With my unique experience, I have helped countless families to move towards healthy, adventurous eaters and create vibrant children for themselves.

I want to help your family achieve their potential through health and well-being too.  Make sure you sign up for Caterpillar Mail so you can stay in my exciting loop!

I’m so glad you’ve connected!
Heidi x