8 signs your fussy eater needs help

Most parents expect to have at least one fussy eater in the house, right?  The child that pushes the plate away each night.  Or the one that would rather run away than face their soup.  Or the one that brings half their lunch home with them.

But how can you tell when your little fussy (sensitive) one, needs some extra help?  How can you be sure it’s not a ‘they’ll grow out of it’ phase?

Help for fussy ones

Well friends, here’s a few signs that your sensitive one may need a bit of extra help.  Say what?  You can actually give your fussy one a leg up, in learning to tolerate healthy foods?  And even become a health, adventurous eater?  Yes, yes you can!  And of course, that helping hand extends to even somewhat/slightly/little bit fussy eaters too.  I’ll tell you how soon.

When it comes to fussy ones, it is important to remember your child is a sensitive one.  This relates to your child’s sensory system.  It simply doesn’t handle the look, smell, taste and texture of the foods put in front of it.  It is more than anything you might feel you have caused okay?

Signs of an extra fussy eater

  1. Your child doesn’t like foods touching on their plate. I mean more than just fruit salad or adult-style bowl meals, but all foods.
  2. Your little one needs their food served in particular ways. It might be : how the food is cut, how it is cooked or what particular plate/bowl/cup/spoon it is served with.
  3. Your sensitive child is quite flavour or brand specific. They might only eat one brand of yoghurt or like only one flavour of rice crackers. They recognise the packaging of the foods they eat…and get stressed at the thought of another.
  4. Your sensitive child is quite ‘texture specific’. They might only appreciate dry, crunchy textures or perhaps avoid sticky/wet foods.
  5. Your child displays sensory stress responses to particular smells, tastes or textures. This might be a gag, splaying fingers or even just looking away from the food.  These stress signs might come after earlier stress signs.  For example, attempting to avoid the mealtime or pushing the bowl away.
  6. Your little one avoids a whole food group.. or more. Typically, this means no or few vegetables. Others may avoid fruits or even most protein sources.  Many prefer carbs…the ‘carbosauruses’!
  7. Your fussy one eats less than 20 foods. And by carrots, that means only raw.  By bread, only white, toasted with no crust.  By pasta, only warm spirals with no sauce.
  8. Your child has almost certain nutrient deficiency. This may be: a low immunity, very pale skin, less than vibrant eyes, brain fog, behaviour/attention issues, skin/hair/nail issues.  Or you just know, considering the limited diet your child eats.

What to do

So how does your little sensitive one rate on the above points?  Yes it can feel stressful and overwhelming to realise this issue may not just go away as easily as any parent would like.  I would love to give you a hug!

The important thing to remember is that your child has all the potential to become a healthy, adventurous eater.  It takes the slow and steady approach, with lots of calm and love, but it is completely possible.  No, your child is not too fussy!

If you feel you need some desperate help my friend, I am certainly happy to help you.

The Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program

Helping a sensitive child to desensitise their sensory system is no quick process.  However, broken into many small and manageable steps, it is possible to create a healthy, adventurous eater!

This is your invitation to help your child reach for the stars by:

  • creating calm at mealtimes, for your child and your family
  • learning what expectations are appropriate for your child at mealtimes
  • how to help their sensory system relax and learn to explore and eventually eat more and more foods
  • learning how to work with your child and not against them
  • moving them towards ‘clean eating’, to support their health and development

The Healthy Adventurous Eaters Program is a 3 or 6 month venture with myself, where you are coached via Skype all the way.  I use my unique experiences as a Speech Pathologist (with extensive experience in fussy eating) and Health Coach (specialising in food sensitivities and clean eating) and a mum of two sensitive new age children who have been fussy eaters (and still have their tendencies, but are largely healthy, adventurous eaters).

You can find out more here on how you move forward with your fussy one and save the confusion, overwhelm, and exhaustion at trying to deal with them.  There, you can apply for a free Clear Path to Vibrant Children session to discuss how I can help you.  Your whole family deserves more than these ‘un-fun’ times and you will not look back with the confidence and skills you will gain, let alone the health and true potential you will uncover for your amazing child!

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