Friend!  It’s so wonderful to have you here.  I’m Heidi Hosking.

I am an intuitive guide to mothers of the sensitive ‘New Children’.

I help mums like you with my Mother-Child Healing Approach to get to the root cause of your sensitive children’s physical, mental and emotional ‘issues’ and move them towards vibrancy.

Our sensitive children are tricky to parent and bring everything from whinging, meltdowns, fussy eating, ‘ASD’, ‘ADHD’, food intolerances, sleep, shyness to low immunity, digestive issues and more.

These I see as opportunities to listen to what is going on for our children and consider their whole environment, that which is not considered by the medical/allied health approach.

And hence we look at any ‘blocks’ around food, toxins, emotions and relationships for you also.  The mother-child connection is so strong and when we are clear, motivated, feeling empowered and bring even more love, we can take a stand even better for our children’s health and development.

I bring my :

  • mainstream Speech Pathology and child development background
  • mixed with my experience with sensitive children, from gifted to ‘disabilities’ and everywhere in between
  • interwoven with my own Mother-Child healing journey with my 2 sensitive boys
  • oh and my intuition that has helped me to connect a lot of dots about how we can help our children with any of their ‘issues’, in an empowered way…..

…….. The New Way ………

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