How we came to this service :

I was referred to Dorothy by a man of whom I trusted his opinion.  You know the type of people that you look up to and whatever they say must be the right idea!  At this point, we were desperate for help to move forward proactively with my boys and my health.  We had worked with several health professionals (from a dietitian to a naturopath chiropractor/kinesiologist and kinesiologist) however my gut instinct told me it was time to move on.

Our experience :

Dorothy is a Certified Herbalist, who we have accessed via Skype.  Initially, we were sent the longest health questionnaire you’ve ever partaken in!  It asked about any and every symptom you might see on your body.  From flaking scalp to susceptibility to mosquito bites to coated tongue.  This then gives an overview of your health as far as minerals, vitamins, toxic heavy metals, glandular imbalances, excess of say sugar, salt and chlorine and possibility of parasites, candida overgrowth, allergies, gut permeability.  You can see if you’re green (okay) to yellow and then red (something to focus on!).

We initially focussed on parasites and candida overgrowth.  Dorothy recommended what we needed to help clear our system, with products like homeopathic pillules for parasites and oregano oil (in belly buttons for boys) plus others for me.

As Dorothy uses her intuition to also specifically recommend what products and even brands, the dosage and for how long and when to take them, we were on the road to success in only a few appointments.  Which was a far cry from the ongoing appointments with other health professionals we had seen, never quite ‘hitting the nail on the head’.

Since then, Dorothy has advised us on all types of health issues, to the point where we have not seen a medical doctor in years.  We have cleared ear infections, improved our digestion and checked up on our levels of nutrients such as omega 3, probiotics, calcium, magnesium and zinc.  I have improved my overall health by focussing on my adrenal health and hormones and becoming aware of transient issues such as low digestive enzymes.

Bonuses :

Dorothy has been able to advise us in regards to our sensitivities, since we stopped visiting the chiropractor/kinesiologist who did muscle testing for this (also a great way!).

Dorothy has even been able to help us with issues such as Hayden’s transient issue of eating pencils at school (yes volume…).  Dorothy was able to use her intuition and skills to find he was low in minerals.  This has since never been a problem but also taught us the importance of something like minerals.

Dorothy will also proactively tell you what you might be missing.  This has ranged from suggestions of having chlorophyll each day to advising us of certain emotions the boys were holding on to.

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