How we came to this service :

The usual story – we were referred to Kate by a trusted friend.  And I knew it was the right fit by how I felt excited to try Kate’s service.

Description of service :

Kate works with crystals and other tools such as singing bowls, to raise your vibrations.  She is an intuitive counsellor which allows for you to initially chat about what is going on for you and for Kate to talk through what is going on.  Kate teaches about how to live simply with love.  Anything we are doing with fear, such as control or martyrhood, she lovingly explains how to approach it through love instead.  With an open heart.  It always makes sense!  (once you question your whole day, you realise how much we live in an existence of doing everything through fear!)

Our family has learned and healed so much through Kate.  From a session to claim more resonance with my husband and I to releasing negative energies that we hold onto, to simply discussing where we are with life and as above, how we can do that with an open heart.

For the boys, Kate would allow them to choose the crystals they were drawn to and talk about what issues might be coming up for them and what colours they were drawn to (knowing they were intuitively wanting the colours where their chakras were blocked).  They always chose the ‘right’ crystals for where they were at too.  For example, Hayden who always needs so much love would chose the rose quartz which is all about love!

The boys then laid up on Kate’s table with a grid of crystals underneath.  Kate used her pendulum to circle above each chakra to open them up.

Kate vibrates very highly and all of her service is in the aim to get us vibrating more highly too.  We leave the sessions on a high and you start to realise what does and doesn’t matter in your life!

Picture winning a holiday of a lifetime.  Would you go home and pick on each other as a family?  Would you start to get creative with what you wanted to do with your life rather than focussing on the monotony of our day to day life?

And as with all things energy, the sooner you get emotions and energy flowing freely through your body, the sooner you become clear, vibrant and healthy.  Stagnant energy brings on physical health issues, so Kate is certainly a proactive healer!

Bonus :

Our whole family has ‘seen the light’ as far as realising the importance of staying ‘high vibe’.  As soon as we lower our vibrations (not enough time and love for eachother, eating the wrong low-vibe foods, being around other low-vibe people/music/environments too much), we are picking on each other and really out of balance!