It is a question many mums ask themselves as their little ones learn to communicate.

Firstly, you must know lovely one, I am writing this from a ‘holistic’ point of view, not from a traditional Speech Pathologist’s view…  There is more to consider than we are taught at university.

Depending on your child’s age, how much they understand, how clear they are and all sorts of other factors, any Speech Pathologist may or may not recommend an assessment and therapy sessions thereafter.

Putting all of this aside, when we zoom out to see the bigger picture, we can understand ALL of our children are bringing through their gifts and where there is light, there are also shadows.  

Shadows show up as ‘something doesn’t seem right’ for us as a mother.  And so, regardless of the details of your child’s communication, if you are asking ‘should my child see a Speech Pathologist?’, I would answer ‘you are sensing some shadows there for your child and likely the rest of the family too’.

Shadows are an invitation for us to ‘do something’ to help our child.  Shadows don’t go away yet can be worked through in an empowered way. It’s just we’ve never been taught as mothers.

The Shadows

What may look like ‘my child doesn’t talk like others’, may actually be shadows of ‘brainfog’.  Brainfog, I mean as far as our child’s external environment affecting their communication development.

I refer to the four different factors we can consider, using my Healing & Thriving Diamond – food, toxins, emotions and relationships.  Each of these can have a positive or a negative effect on our child’s development, yet also health, vibrancy and ability to use their soul’s gifts.

Food relates to food sensitivities, which can really cloud our child’s brain and ability to learn to understand and express themselves.

Toxins relate to everything from pesticides to manmade cleaning and personal products to vaccines.  They all affect our sensitive children’s systems in a negative way and are most certainly related to developmental issues.

Emotions and relationships can seem to go together.  

Emotions relate to unexpressed emotions in our children.  If they are holding onto stress in their jaw or facial area (which is common), this can most definitely affect their ability to use their jaw and tongue correctly for certain sounds and in coordination.

Relationships refers to the stress our children take on when they sense fear in others.  Some specific examples are listed below.

Our fears and doubts..

  • Feelings of ‘I’m not doing something right as a parent’ for either you and/or your partner, which our children may mirror back in perfectionism, giving up and more Monkey Mind behaviours
  • Unexpressed emotions from us the parents, such as grief or confusion, which our children may mirror back to us in sadness type behaviours, impulsivity or even health issues eg lung troubles

Our child feeling our fears and doubts..

  • Your child reflecting the doubts and ‘there’s something wrong with you’ energy, which may show up as tantrums, shyness, anxious behaviours etc
  • Brainfog – relating to unexpressed emotions, stressful relationships, food sensitivities or toxins within their system.  This can result in difficulty moving our articulators – tongue, jaw, lips in coordination. It can also result in slower learning of and expressing language.

Our sensitive ones are affected by their energetic environment, although this is rarely touched in traditional therapy.  We can empower ourselves to make positive changes to our child’s energetic environment!

The Light

So yes, there are many energetic reasons why our children may not communicate like other children and so no, we shouldn’t sweep this under the rug.  These shadows are there to guide us to the light.

At the same time, when we respect our child for who they are and their Light, we can start to see some of their communication differences are just differences.  Maybe they don’t feel drawn to express themselves in full sentences by 2 years of age. Maybe they naturally carry lower muscle tone and hence it is just taking them longer to get their articulators working for them!  

Our child’s New Child Type reflects this.  There is a link below to find out your child’s New Child Type.

The more Star energy they carry, the more likely they may take longer to communicate like we expect, here on Earth.  The more Heart energy they carry, the more they respond with shame if they sense our worry about their development. The more Earth energy they carry, the more they may not perceive others as much.  

All of these shadows, carry LIGHT.  When we focus on the light, we can take empowered actions to move away from the shadows.

Well Speech Pathology is doing well for our family right now?

This is great news.  Many families will move through therapy and this is their path.  

Unfortunately, as soon as we project any ‘there’s something wrong with you’ energy on our children, they sense it.  No matter how fun speech therapy is or even how much it is working, it will always give off the energy of ‘we are trying to fix you’.  Some children may receive this energy better than others, however we can’t put up a shield to this energy or stop limiting beliefs taking place.

The New Way looks to the underlying energetic reasons first and then to therapy if at all necessary.

Okay, so we have shadows.  Do we see a Speech Pathologist?

At this point, you may be able to see there are many energetic causes of our child not talking like others.  The shadows.

There are also many reasons our child doesn’t communicate like we expect, because of our conditioning of what it should look like and our child living out their gifts, as in the New Child Types.  The light.

It’s safe to say your average Speech Pathologist may not view your child through this lens.  They are also working under regulations which prevents them from zooming out too holistically.

The New Way first

If you feel called to make empowered changes to the energetic environment for your child first, this is great news!  It is not an overnight job and the next best step is to consider what calls to you the most.

You may consider the Healing & Thriving Diamond to see if you already have an inkling of where to start.

Please do book in for any of The New Way sessions with me if you would like to fast-track feeling empowered and having clear steps to help your little one.

It may be :

  • A Holistic & Intuitive Translation Report of your existing Speech Pathology assessment report(s)
  • A one-on-one online Empowerment Session
  • A New Children Healing Mentorship – let’s empower you together for 2, 4 or 6 months


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Oh and if you’re wondering, find out your child’s New Child Type here : 

With love and light