One precious item we take proactive care of, is our car.  We service it regularly.  We know if we don’t, we are just asking for something to go awry!  But what proactive care do we take for our children?

What is proactive care?

Proactive care can take shape in a number of different ways.

It may be proactive measures before ANY signs of illness.  Some examples:

  • Probiotics or fermented foods or bone broth for gut health
  • Healthy wholefoods for their important nutrients
  • Promoting emotional health – talking about all feelings and encouraging our children to express these
  • Giving supplements where needed
  • Parenting with love instead of fear

Or maybe we see signs of where imbalance has crept in, as we are unperfect parents of course!

We might :

  • Visit a kinesiologist or energetic healer to help address emotional issues (emotions are energy)….before they become physical health issues
  • Get a homeopathic program to balance our child for health and development ‘opportunities’ (given balance, our body is intelligent to heal itself)
  • Seek other support – such as a naturopath or herbalist

(We could of course use these professionals more proactively too as our health is always changing!)

But what happens when we don’t act on our child’s emotional, health and development ‘opportunities’?

Our child may present with:

  • Health ‘opportunities’ – from low immunity to ear infections to digestive and skin issues and beyond
  • Development ‘imbalances’ – brainfog, learning delays and behavioural issues
  • Emotional symptoms – the needy one, the defiant child or even subtle signs such as throat clearing. These emotions literally become physical issues if ignored

So just as the little issues will inevitably become bigger issues if we ignore them with our car, the same will happen with our children.  And ourselves for that matter.  And just like the mechanic might offer us the cheaper ‘quick fix’, we AND the mechanic know this is a temporary fix.  Just as it is with medical appointments and pharmacy visits.

In generations past, the ‘quick fix’ was the only answer known for most mothers.  Some antibiotics, a skin cream or even a laxative….

But it is now time to get serious about our children’s health and development.  It’s now time to find our ‘family alternative health practitioner’.  The alternative to the ‘quick fix’…. And this is proactive healthcare.