[18 months +] Knowing that raw veges are so healthy yet Master 3 doesn’t have the attention to stay crunching at the table until they are all done, I have decided to allow some ‘unconscious eating’ in front of the TV. So instead of one green bean and maybe a bit of carrot at the table, he will polish off a few green beans, half a celery stick, a whole carrot and some pieces of cucumber in one sitting!

But I make it clear, ‘only crunchy veges with these shows’.


The thing is, I’ve realised Master 3 still won’t have the attention to eat all of the above veges at the table before the big 4 years of age. This is the age when according to research, the majority of a child’s food preferences are set in.

Master 19 months is just being exposed to these raw veges to have a play with and put his teeth into.

Raw veges not only provide great nutrients but are also alkalising. And knowing that disease and cancer can only survive in an acidic environment in your body, I will be educating the boys that they need to keep up the alkaline foods to keep good health.

Any thoughts from anyone??