Most of us, at some point, need a health practitioner for our child.  But how do we choose one that we trust and can achieve the most success with?

As we have grown up with the medical system, we have been lead to believe that we do not know much about healing ourselves, let alone caring for our childrens’ health or proactively seeking their vibrant health.   We have been taught to trust the medical professionals, more so than our own intuition, particularly a mother’s intuition.  ‘Mother knows best’ kind of thing!

Unfortunately, the more we have lost touch with our own intuition around our own children, it has made it difficult for us mums when choosing a health practitioner.

Even when we don’t get a good feeling about a professional, sometimes our intuition is so shut off, that we barely hear it.  We don’t stop to consider we have a choice.  We don’t stop to hear the many reasons our intuition might ring alarm bells for us.  It might be:

  • The way that professional interacts with our child
  • The way they communicate with us as a mother
  • How they assess our child
  • Whether they empower us to help our children
  • The time they give us
  • The results they help us to achieve

The worst result is attending appointments with someone we have no connection or trust with and achieving minimal results with.  Whether we recognise it, we feel disempowered in these situations and we begin to harbour guilt and shame for not being able to help our child better.  This is our intuition crying out to be heard!

When we have lost track of our intuition we are more inclined to choose someone by:

  • Their credentials
  • Their years of experience
  • Where they have studied
  • Their price
  • Who is automatically put in front of us

But let’s look at this scenario.  I’ll use myself as an example, of which there are many.

By my credentials, I started out as a new graduate Speech Pathologist who gave my service for free, to families in a government job (government paid me).  Some people took me as this and treated me accordingly, assuming I did not have too much to add as I was young and wasn’t in ‘private practice’.  ‘You get what you pay for’ kind of thing.

What those people didn’t know is that my skills as a speech pathologist came very intuitively.  I was passionate for children and helping.  I had taken the initiative to seek out development before I had finished university.  I had also worked with children with autism for 2 years, clocking up hour upon hour of time spent living and breathing what I would then recommend as a speech pathologist to others.  I can honestly say, I achieved more results for the children I worked with as a new graduate speech pathologist than some other speech pathologists who had been around for years but certainly did not have their heart or the same experience and intuition with it.

So how do we use our intuition to choose a health practitioner?

Everything happens for a reason.  If a name comes to you, follow it up.  It might NOT be the person, but it might help you to learn about what you do or don’t want.

Practice using your intuition just by the outward ‘face’ of the practitioner.  What is their website or business card or workplace like?  Does your intuition say yes?  Do you feel you connect with them?

Pay attention for recommendations and to what these people are saying.  Does their praise resonate for you?  What are you willing to ‘put up with’, if the practitioner does come with some negative feedback?  Maybe your intuition says you do need them for some reason.  Or maybe not.

What path does your intuition tell you is the right one?  Are you sick of going for the ‘band-aid’ approach with the medical system?  Have you recently heard of another modality you could try?  If your ‘gut’ says no to blood tests or other invasive approaches with your child, have you looked into other options?

Put your intention out there.  Talk to people.  Tell them what you are looking for.  Keep your eyes peeled for the signs that will surely show up, if you can be focussed and patient enough!

And of course, encourage your intuition!  If those alarm bells ring, know that you have a choice to find a path that suits you and your child better.  There is one.

How have you chosen or come to be with your current health practitioner?

Please share, I’d love to know!