Childhood health issues

Childhood health issues are certainly common.  But common does not mean normal.

The average family would head straight to their doctor for even the slightest of health complaints.  Most families do not know that a child’s body can heal itself, given half a chance.  Of course there are some things you can do to help that along, namely using food as medicine.  And sometimes you may just need to take your child to the doctor when you don’t want to stuff around with something like an eye issue.  But most of the time, there are proactive ways to prevent all of the above issues.  And of course, you end up with a vibrant family!

So let’s see.  Does your child ever appear less-than-vibrant?  Are they ever vibrant?

Hayden 2.5

Here are some signs that your child’s body may need help to get to vibrancy

  • eczema
  • dark circles/pinkness under their eyes
  • skin anomalies/uneven tone
  • red swipes across the tops of their cheeks
  • inability to sleep – even from a newborn
  • sore tummies
  • constipated/unresolved diarrhoea
  • frequent snot/ear infections
  • constantly sick or recovers from illness slowly
  • sleep apnoea
  • asthma
  • hyperactive/impulsive
  • using silly voice
  • brain fog
  • mega meltdowns
  • low motivation
  • lack of eye contact/ability to reason with
  • thrush, cradle cap, nappy rash

The list goes on and on doesn’t it…  The above childhood health issues are all related to inflammation, silent inflammation, that we don’t necessary feel.

Inflammation is caused by your child’s body reacting to either a food or chemical or both.  Chronic inflammation leaves the body open to disease and cancer.  Very scary isn’t it?  But unfortunately, very true.

NOW is the best time to look into what your child’s body is telling you.  It is never too early or too late to start.

Please take a look around and see how I can help you.  You might have a sensitive and fussy one?  Or maybe one with any of the above childhood health issues?  Or maybe you have a family member who needs to be on a restricted diet (be it gluten, dairy, grains or other) and needs some ideas to get started?  Let’s create your vibrant children!  

Contact Heidi if you need some direction.  A FREE Clear Path to Vibrant Children Session by phone can help you to:

  • become crystal clear on what exactly is the issue for your child
  • your next best steps
  • what you can do

In love and support

Heidi x

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